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i hope they update the UI and multiplayer. I really want to go back to Playstation. F**k paying for online
Probably, but in the same fashion that I purchased the PS2 and PS3; I'll wait for the second generation console to come out a year and a half from sales launch.
Only if I can install other operating systems on it, and then have Sony take that away later. Not that I want to install any crappy OS on it, but I do enjoy all the dumbass EULA updates to "agree" to while the court case is dragging on. Fantastic.
Not no but fuck no. Again sony screws the customer with no backwards compatibility
Honestly sharing your game is the biggest draw for me right now. With my PS2,  my friends and I would switch memory cards to get each other through tough parts of games. With the PS3, I'd have to have someone come to my house in order to play through certain parts for me. If I can just call up a friend and say, "hey, this mission is killing me, give it a try" that'd be really cool. (Because, in every GTA game I am absolutely horrific at flying missions, they are always my undoing. Driving, boating, motorcycles, I'm fine... flying, though, forever fail.) I tend to quit games because, I'll have good momentum throughout then reach that one mission I cannot pass, so having a way to easily pass the game over to a friend to get me past that obstacle  that means my games would not end up in the metaphorical junk pile.
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