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SeatID launches a service to book flights based on your social networks.

Would you want your Facebook friends to know which flight you were on so they could book the same flight? Or is that too much? -
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I'm looking for price and convenience. Unless my friends want to pay a portion my ticket I'll send a postcard.
It would make it easier for me to invite myself on vacation with that ex that never wanted to see me again.   ;)
Hella'no. Too many people with terrible boundaries.
if it was someone i was like in love with it'd be chill
if they'll give me a phat discount on airfare, then why not?
Why does EVERYTHING need to be social? Can't I just listen to music, take photos, and play games without everyone being all up in muh shiz. Overboard
Agreed +Darryl Griffith, and I think the answer is because marketing is involved.  The whole theory is that if they get up in your face often enough they can create a desire that will lead to you buying something and with social they are trying to get us to help them create that desire by actively and passively getting up in the faces of our friends.  Minority Report here we come!  Marketing is drooling.
+Sheridan Layman I agree. I am finding myself more and more moving away from the sites that require manadatory FB logins or other things like that. I am a classic introvert so sharing everything always is irritating at best...but I have a feeling this is going to recoil at some point soon and will be thankful when it does. 
I've been feeling that way for a long time! Too many companies were tying their fates to Facebook,and sooner or later, it would come back to bite them in the backside! I'm glad that I deactivated my Facebook account!
The Swiss Federal Railways  - yes the one that just cashed in $21 million on their licensing deal with Apple over their (licensed) clock design  - is going to come out with a social app called "SBB.Connect" that does exactly that: Stay tuned: December 9, this is their official Twitter account and all of Switzerland will become social on their way to work..... I wonder how that will turn out :)))
Let's face it, and nobody has Muriel Heslop as a friend so it's probably not a good idea.

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