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No, the general public has awful taste in music. 
Still, cool idea. Different channels for different group's of people, bound to be one where you'll like at least some songs on said channel. If this became widely implemented of course. But there is plenty of other options for music also..
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Sadly, I'm sure enough people still want to hear the same 25 songs on repeat... 
Matt J
Isn't that what Groveshark, Pandora, Spotify  Last.Fm, Rdio, Slacker, and any other internet radio already do?
Ha! I thought I was the only person still listening to Live. Live and learn.
Good idea, I rather be surprised though.
Interesting, but I don't see it working out as it will likely be the same 10 songs over and over or such an eclectic collection that nobody would want to listen to it.
What is radio? Something to do with the telegraph?
I was wondering why the only thing they were playing was that advertisement all day. I thought to myself "Fine ... I get it at 5 o'clock today your app goes live... now just play some damn music"
No. I have control on what i am listening on youtube, on my phone, on my PC, on every device that is capable of playing audio :). It is charming to wait for the next song :).
This is just asking for Goons to come play Rick Astley for 24 hours straight.
This could only be good, if there was a 1.5-2 hour limit on the same song.
Reminds me of Jukebox TV... 
If they just expanded their playlist to more than 100 songs in the first place and had quality dj's radio wouldn't be in the mess they're in now. 
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