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Microsoft Office on Linux? It could happen. For real.
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Ha! Wonder if it wil be the one paid software on every distro or they will have it free
Why bother when FOSS equivalents are available?! Or who cares! ;-) 
As a Linux user myself...
I really don't want office
awesome!!! and all the windows apps too they should make them Linux compatible!!!!!!
Re Lis
who the hell needs Microsoft's shit ? 
Libre Office is free Office still has a stronghold and not using it for all documentation in a professional enviornment is a sin.  People like me are in a school where they love MS Office so much that using anything else causes you to be persecuted by them and them trying to explain to you that the whole world use MS Office and that you should give up using Linux.  
Microsoft has quite a few Android apps already. Lync, SkyDrive, OneNote, SmartGlass... to name a few. If I hadn't discovered that fact first, I'd be pretty shocked by this possibility.

I still have doubts, but Microsoft is clearly trying to gain as much market share as possible now, even if it isn't on their own operating system platform. The Microsoft ecosystem of products and services spans more than just Windows now. And with operating systems becoming so varied, this kind of move is inevitable; more people are realizing it's possible to completely ditch Windows and still do all the things they would normally do with a computer.

If this actually happens, it would be a very smart business decision.
I do everything in Drive now. And if some bastard sends me a doc which Drive can't handle, I open it in Libre Office. I don't need their over complicated bloat ware.
I won't be installing the Microsoft nightmare I escaped from.
I'm a Linux user and I'll tell you why this is good. Most offices resist switching to Linux because they'll have to retrain their staff to use LibreOffice. You'll see a lot of offices switching to Linux then ;)
I can already use Skydrive from Chrome on linux.  I used to be able to use office with a chrome app until it was bought out by another company.  I use crossover office for using MS office too.  
If you are for more open standards, I think that this is good news. I suspect Microsoft make a mess out of this, but the process maybe worth more than outlook on Linux.
Would go well with the Ubuntu mobile OS. Question is how much would it sell for?
Marek K
It will be avail for Android (not for desktop probably)
Not that I would ever consider buying M$ Office, I'm not holding my breath for this to come true.  Microsoft has a long history of cutting off its nose to spite its face, especially with Ballmer at the helm.
Too late for me to care. I did my thesis in OpenOffice/LibreOffice a long time ago. Now I'm just fine with Google Docs. Don't need the fancy features anymore.
... but good news nevertheless!
Damn right they decide it. But still...
If it comes to Linux I will finally be able to give up my ms addiction. I love Microsoft for the great products it has created and if they do start acting in the sharing spirit ie developers not just giving away their products, I would be a much happier customer! I wonder if bill will open source his stuff on his death bed or if he's just a CEO of a public company?
::: Yawn :::

When mso version compatibility comes close to that of OO.o/LibreOfice, and they adhere to true ODF standards, I'll pay a bit more attention to things like this.  Until then, this just sounds like "Plan B" to extract $$$ from the public after the Win8/Surface lead balloon hit the ground.
While I like the free productivity offerings out there... I still need the features, functions and compatibility found in Outlook, Access and Excel...

In this regard MS has a great product... Making it available for use in as many environments frees me from having to buy a Windows based PC. I wont supply my users with Macs because every aspect is to costly.

MS Office for Linux will be a huge money saver that will save my budget thousands of dollars... 
There's only one awesome Microsoft product  /service I want on linux, and it's called Direct X.
I'm envisioning a Streets & Trips, or Paint, sort of interface, myself.
Yeah... when monkeys fly outta my ass. Who would pay for MS Office and the ribbon and the bugs when the is Libre Office, etc?
I wonder if it will be free as well? (This is sarcasm of course, when has windows ever had a wide-renowned software that was free)
If it was FOSS I might actually consider it.
Yup...then the public could fix all those bugs and security holes for them.
I'll echo the posts above - the biggest reason businesses have shirked Linux desktops is because of Office. I love Linux and its open source offerings, but its productivity selection doesn't even compare. Outlook is objectively better than anything Linux can offer (this includes browser-based software like Google Apps). It might be okay for very small businesses, but a large corporate environment needs something as fully-featured and easy to streamline as Office. A Linux version of Office would change the game completely. 
If it is not going to be open source, what's the point? There is a reason for the shift to open source products... Greed...
Honestly, I hated MS Office pre-2007. I use OpenOffice or LibreOffice at home on my Ubuntu machine, but have to work with Office at work. After we upgraded to Office 2007, I almost instantly liked their new ribbon UI. it made the bloat much better manageable. Now I came as far to think that OpenOffice and LibreOffice look outdated and overly complicated.

Anyway I made the switch to yet another (proprietary) word processor, Papyrus, which has some nice features to work with (German) text. In this it beats both office as well add OpenOffice - and it's just some megabytes of size.
One thing though, how I wish they'd allow for us to script "our" office using something real like python or lua or at least ruby!
I don't think you'll see Stallman endorsing the license it's going to come with.
I did boot up an old sco unix a few years ago that had word 2 on it.
"ARM Holdings is not open sourcing its ARM architectures and give them away for free, they are just greedy"
+seb mitchell You'll be hearing from Darl McBride in the next few probably owe him about 50-grand for just posting that machine.
This is a win of Linux over Windows. Let's see if the Linux version of the suite is complete with all features.
Problem is, LibreOffice is already better than MSOffice because of the ODF format, period. Linux users don't want it.
I'd use it for work if the license was transferable from my work copy. If not for my company's standardization around ms products I doubt I would have seen anything passed office 2001.
This would be a smart decision if they execute it well...
This would be so benefitial for Linux and OpenSource in the office in general that I doubt this will actually happen. If there is only one reason why (small) businesses hesitate to escape the claws of M$ it is because of their addiction to M$ Office.
This announcement alone and the sheer fact that M$ takes OpenSource seriously will break down a lot of barricades carefully raised by conservative IT managers.
dude im 17 do u honestly think i understand all this im starting to fail all my classes
My college lists MS Office formats for document submission but provides a link to LibreOffice. Nice to see a college that recognizes the financial realities of students.
+Destyn Hepworth if you don't know how to Google 'linux' then you're even dumber than Steve Balmer (was until recently).
There's boo way this would gather steam in the Foss community. Why would windows ware their time?
As a Linux home user MS Office for Linux seems unnecessary.  My word processing needs are fairly basic and are easily accomplished by either LibreOffice or Google Docs.  

As for businesses, are that many companies turning towards Linux?  I've never worked in an environment that would even consider switching to Linux because of how much specialized Windows only software was used.

I don't understand what Window's target market is here, MS Office seems like it's overkill for the Linux home user, and I don't see Windows going anywhere as the primary OS for business.
Linux for the desktop is dead. Office for the desktop is dead. Just let the Linux users use the browser-based Office.
+Malte Landwehr Linux for the desktop is, really? Where did you hear that? Then I must be using something different than linux on my computer.
This is really not so  surprising.  Their cash cows have been Windows and Office since the 90's.  From my observation, consumers hate anything later than XP, and were it not for the strong arming of the OEMs to ship Windows on their boxes, they would not be selling many OS licences at all.  With the fall of their underlying platform, their Office franchise is also in trouble.  Again, market embedded douchebaggery allows this, in the form of quite literally a monopoly hold on things like schools, the DoD, the legal system, etc.  They are trying to maintain their last viable product, but honestly, I have to say good riddance to bad rubbish.
Guga G
It will only work if the stuffs on be worthy than the FREE Libreoffice...
I don't think it's a reasonnable assumption to say MS will opensource MS Office, just because MS is considering making an Office version for linux. There's lots of commercial software that runs on linux that is not opensourced.
I would love this. As a student, there's nothing that comes close to the productivity that ms office gives you.
It's the little things that end up costing you hours on a big project. 
Also, its not like we are talking about any special functionality here.  Word processing?  Spreadsheet?  Presentation?  I can think of 1000 alternatives for any of these.
Seriously, you can't trust closed source.

It could be doing just about anything in the background and you'd never know.
Ballmer must have discovered Linux after he too got fed up with Windows 8.
+Malte Landwehr That's not really an OS usage but just google searches for different words. Please look up statcounter or something similar.
Sam Bao
Microsoft is only considering,in the mean time linux still has no commercial ability.
Linux already runs better on the same hardware, has more features, is free, and doesn't spy on you.

What more competition do you need?
Because people are becoming less dependent on office. 
Yea +Kevin Robinette We can use Google Docs from our phones (wish it was FOSS though) why bother with an obsolete technology like Office?
i use google drive to write all my college papers. screw MS office ha ha 
what is a office? are those the prisons they used to put in 20th century slaves?
LOL at android port meaning most of the porting work is done. I'm guessing that a lot of self-proclaimed experts don't realize that Android is a java virtual machine running on a Linux kernel. Android app!= Linux app. 
It's funny that you say Linux on the Desktoo is dead. I have been using linux since the late 90's and I have never seen more people aware of and using Linux than they are now. No stat counter can change what I see for my own eyes. Now with heavy focus on Linux gaming by companies like Valve and Indie... more are coming to Linux daily. Dead is hardly a word I would offer up as my view in a room full of intelligent people for sure, lest I plan on looking less intelligent or aware.
Poke me in the eye with a stick. Microsoft Office is one of the reasons I switched to Linux at work years ago. Office updates screwed up my PC to the point of having to reinstall the OS.
Is this the proverbial writing on the wall? M$oft realizing they are doomed to lose the O/S market?
I would love MS office on Linux as long as the price is not too high. 
I'd get it to use certain irreplaceable tools (Publisher is just so much easier to use than Scribus or VivaDesigner, especially when all I have to use them for is pointless school activities). Otherwise, it's LibreOffice. Miles better in most aspects.
+Helmi Derbali no worries, M$ office will come with viri preinstalled. This way they don't have to worry about which distro it's working on.
With the lukewarm reaction Microsoft have had to Windows RT / Surface plus the diminishing web browser market share of IE, coupled with Win Phone having a low market share, perhaps they've realised that they no longer can put all of their proverbial eggs in the Windows Ecosystem basket and need to branch out.

There's already been a sign of this with their contributions of code to the Linux kernel - would it be too much to ask that in their project to port Office to Linux, they can also contribute some code to the Document Foundation?
Office on Linux would be the death of Windows. 
Hugo Ng
I'm quite sure it is not going to be free in any sense.
While Libre office/oo are great, they still don't compare to MS Office, namely Excel which is the one Microsoft product I've been unable to live without, I welcome this with open arms
fede ra
that would be nice from redmond...jah bless steve ballmer! :D
Isn't there a difference between porting Office to Linux and making it open source. Rather a big difference I would have said. AFAIK Office makes more money than Windows so it makes more sense to give it the widest audience.
I am a Ubuntu 12.04 user and i use LiberOffice for everything except for spreadsheets. I use windows 7 and excel for my spreadsheet needs. I would buy Microsoft Office for Linux!!!
Better be free. I am not ditching open office for a paid suite of same functionality !!!!!
"Better be free."  Holy crap, is there anything you people don't feel entitled to?
Sadly, despite Linux's reliance on free market principles, +jeremiah johnson , a lot of the open source community feels entitled to other people's software, whether other people wanna sell it or not. That, or the source code.
I would get more excited about an Office version of Linux.  Just let your mind slowly digest all the implications...
Look, another epic fail by Microsoft 
This is good news. At this point, LibreOffice still has a long way to go.
You need MSO if you're in an working environment where the vast majority of the employees use the package. Especially if macros and shared work are based off Excel and stored on servers. Also, clients who receive reports in Excel spreadsheets are more likely to have MSO than LibreOffice or OpenOffice.
+Alex Williams why do you say "open source?" I don't see any hint of that. I don't think any of the arguments for open sourcing a commercial package hold up for Office. They'll release binaries and continue to charge - it's their cash cow.
That desperate MS? We have Libre Office and it's free. Are you going to give out MS Office for free? No? Then shut up.
The Microsoft conquest of Linux has begun!
Ryan Ng
A little lot too late....
Just re-read the article.
You mean to tell me that M$ is looking into open sourcing office?!? Yeah... When pigs can fly :-P
as someone who runs Linux in a corp environment I have libre office and it is good but I have gigs off ppt that do not render correctly. I use VMware w/win7 for ppt. however I have to say even in VMware office runs better in windows than native office for Mac so I would really be surprised if office for Linux ran better than office for windows. however if it ran good I would run if it rendered ppt correctly
+Swapnil Chitnis I agree. I think Microsoft porting Office to Linux will mean the final nail in the coffin for Windows OS !
For me, the only reason i still use Windows is for Excel & Access file compatibility issues. And no, i can't switch to Libre as i've invested too much training in MS Office plus i can't ask clients to switch either.
You'd have to be a fucking idiot to go open source Linux.... with a closed source office suite. Retardation at its finest.
What about Open Office .....isn't it a good solution...
+Alin Ababei My father uses Office 2007 on Wine and it works perfectly. He wasn't able to switch to LibreOffice because all his work was done with Excel Macros which LO didn't support.
+Joe Sze , no, Microsoft only contributes to the Linux kernel when it serves their own interests. They put in a bunch of code a few years ago to get Linux to work better with their own piece of shit Hyper-V hypervisor, so more people would buy it. That was their largest contribution, and it only made up about one percent of that kernel's changelog (although that put them ahead of those mooches at Canonical).
+Sean Badoud libreoffice is good for a lot but someone who generates in ppt does not render correctly 90% of time.  it works fine for review but no good to use and recreate in.  trust me i have tried to do this and it is just not there.  however for people sharing with windows people who keep it basic it will work great.  its not that you can't open and undertand a ppt generated it just doesn't work at all for collaboration with the windows office world.
Way to go. Now your Linux install will need ten times more memory & will still crash out! No thanks Redmond.
I think most Linux users would sooner tell Ballmer to eat shit than pay for MS Office. 
We dnt want your this facility or advise dear:)
Thank you very much:)
you are absolutely true is on the move but still i hope this new office will be totally different from previous versions..
I don't thinks of this as a surprise, every day OS is becoming less relevant, services are more important, office should/will become a service, office 365 is the way
I don't see how this will pay off.  How are you going to appeal to a demographic who is used to getting everything for free?
Can't wait to spend more money. Oh wait, Google drive
Oh good Lord...really...i mean...really...
First i was like "omg good news" but then I realised i dont need M$ crap because LIBRE OFFICE does the job perfectly well!!!;]
I agree +Tate West . Maybe they will use the whole "since everything else is Free might as well buy this one product". 
I run linux so I don't have to put up with M$. Why would I install Linux just to buy more Microsoft products? I'm sticking with LibreOffice, thank you very much.
i bet your system will die due to never having enough RAM to run it ..
+Janina S Yup - do they really think we'll buy their thing when we have other office suites for free which work perfectly well? and wonder what restrictions they'll set up on linux (office 2013 runs only on 7 and 8?) 
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It has to if they're porting it to android as announced and planned.... Well... To a certain degree
Hold on a second, did they actually say "open source" or just say "a Linux version"? More likely they would pull a Steam and release binary versions for specific distros
Awesome. That's exactly what I use Linux for; dealing with proprietary bullshit.
Unfortunately many peoöle like me use Office at work. Getting rid of that one windows virtual machine would be great. I would be happy with libreoffice, but it is not my choice to make.
Would it not make more sense to put it on 'the cloud'? That would be as about cross-platform as you could get.
unfortunately, MS Office Excel is the best spreadsheet software in the market. With that available natively to Linux, lots of offices could migrate totally from Windows to Linux... think about that! :) 
+Vitor Gatti 'Best' is highly subjective term to be used.  Excel is very powerful  especially 2010/2013, but not everyone (prob less than half) needs more than half of it's functionality. 
+Siegfried Fliegler most people wouldn't need it but there are a few things still lacking in Libre Office, particularly with spreadsheets. Advanced formulas just don't exist yet like they do in excel.
Run for your life Linux community the barbarians are coming!
i'm using LibreOffice  on windows , who needs MS OFFICE :
P :P 
i will say this much - i went out and download libreoffice nightly and installed it on a test machine.  performance is improved over 3.5 i was using and it looks like someone is looking into the render problems coming from the m$ ppt world.  big +1 on libreoffice 4.x improvement. 
We should get out of this office package hype already... it's so 90s...
I'd much rather have a native Lync client. I really don't have a need for the office suite
openoffice... or libreoffice or even neo office  *all open source and free*
what kind of "tech" journalist would equate "releasing on Linux" with "open-sourcing"??
Aint that awesome!!! 
Thank you competition! (Gdocs)
was up I KNOW YOU was the kid that was in the park dumbas
If they did this it would be one of the biggest mistakes in tech history. The only reason my work hasn't switched to Linux is because of Office. Please, please, Microsoft do this so I can start migrating everyone :) 
seb sbr
No thank you. Today there is no need for commercial applications of that kind. Expecially bad quality as Microsoft. 
+seb sbr Spoken like a true fan boy. Say what you will about MS but they make good office apps, their code is tight and their development tools are 2nd to none. Everything has it's strengths, everything has it's weaknesses but to dismiss industry leading software out of hand is the height of foolishness.
Libre Office will be perfectly fine for 99.98% of people...
It's funny because today was also announced the arrival of +LibreOffice 4.0. Thank you, but I don't need MS Office. I use LaTeX for writing articles, reports and also presentations, for shorter texts LO and Google Docs suffice.
A linux version before a good working Apple version? I really doubt it. It would be good though, it would mean Microsoft is starting to understand the market again and daring to try stuff...

But with Balmer... I REALLY doubt it.
I am a bit skeptical. Unless they due a true port and not rely on technology like Wine (wouldn't that be a legal issue?), it will probably not perform very good. Will be interesting to watch.
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Oh yeah? Now that Microsoft is "losing its fame", they would try ANYTHING to stay relevant. So sad. Long live Libre Office and open source software!
This is a shitty idea and legitimizes Linux.
Hades must have frozen over. That or the tipping point has been reached in OS sales.
Why port to linux arnt people trying to get away from microsoft products when they choose a linux distro lol 
+Jordan Phillips it's no more about glitches and small things in the IT world. It's about new strategies and a new trend towards open access. Even if Microsoft fixes all its glitches, it's tough for people to give it another chance when there are tons of free, open-source alternatives
Now that LibreOffice 4.0 is out they start to talk about this?  Meh, too little too late...
As I lost an entire day's worth of work in Powerpoint on the Mac today, I don't hold out hope that this will be any good.  Google Docs and/or Libre Office suffice for just about everything I need these days!
They can't see world moving to other platform, which is web.
this is a quote of a quote of a quote of someone at FOSDEM who thought that the beer was nice and Microsoft might port Office and pass some more waffles please and it might be next year. This is not a reliable source and journalism has not happened in this article.
Even if it was from a reliable source, and was true to the extent that it could be, releasing software for Linux does not mean that it is open sourcing said software. That is a completely different thing.
It doesn't surprise me as much as you'd think. There is already a mature Mac OSX version that's been around decades. If you didn't use Cocoa in favor of something like Qt, I see no reason you couldn't use one codebase to support both.

With Chrome OS and various based-on-Linux initiatives floating around, I think this just makes sense as a hedge against the future.
Nobody cares. We've being using Open Office and Google Docs for so long we wouldn't know our way around Microsoft Office. The tides are changing and it feels so good to be on the right side.
+Lateef Alabi-Oki You're wrong, in several ways. Outlook is one of them - there is no equivalent product in many use cases.
Now if only adobe and quicken will follow suit, my migration to linux will be complete.
 Ahhh  folks. Long time ago Microsoft Outlook Express was avalable at Linux as BETTA. or EVALUATION version. (forget details, but used it for ~1 year).
Really what is potential consumers benefits of Office on Linux when you have LibreOffice, OpenOffice etc. Imho, Microsoft started to lose market, customers are spreading into free office products and now they are trying retrieve back some of them but it will not have significant results
In other news John Carmack thinks Linux has no commercial viability. Who is out of touch?
Revenue must be tight as hell for them to consider this. IMHO, this is the clearest signal yet that the Windows money train is rolling to a halt...
Maybe Microsoft is tired of dealing with viruses on their own Windows servers. 
That's the best of ideas I've heard this year. It will be great.
buys a Windows computer for the office suite, Microsoft announces Office for Linux Of course that's how life works. 
If true, one should hope the folks at +Google Drive get some fire under their asses for a Linux version.
and I´m missing an Apple OS Version of MS OneNote!
I don't see what the big deal is about a Linux release from Microsoft. I find other programs that do what I tell them to just fine.
I love the "Ribbon" of MS Office. If you dislike it, turn it off in the option settings.
MS has to accept reality, too ... or possibly extinction.
I really doubt that they will licence out office to Linux OP's.
I've become less and less enchanted by Winblows over the years.  I'd only consider buying a Winblows machine again, if Microsoft went to a *nix kernel.  That being said, I still think Microsoft Office is the best office software out there, and it's pretty much the standard so it makes sense for them to make a linux version.  I'd use the linux version, if I used linux.  Yes... you can say that Microsoft just copied other people's software when making their office suite, but they did a damn good job at improving on that software.  I love macs, but Apple's done their share of copying.  A lot of people think that Apple created the GUI and that Microsoft copied it from them.  Wrong... Apple copied it from Xerox.
I can't wait to pointlessly spend money on a company that doesn't deserve it. I figure if you're savvy enough to install linux you're aware of the other free options.
If this is for real, then I can see this as a big boost for Ubuntu and Linux in general. Let's see if it turns out to be true!
Wait, someone said there is no alternative to outlook? Can someone explain what outlook has that I would need? The only times I've dealt with outlook was while working terrible corporate jobs, and everyone felt it was a pain in the ass. So, what does it have that I can't have using ubuntu? Keep in mind I no longer work those crap jobs anymore.
No thank you, I'll stick with open/libre office or Google.
Who need Office? Why would I want to keep paying every three year to upgrade it? Dude Google docs is FREE to use it and they are adding new features slowly. 
+Niels Hansen Using the cloud for spreadsheet work is soooooo slow and tedious.  I'd rather the software be on my computer.  Well.... I guess there is Google Docs offline, but then your docs are stored in some convoluted database on your computer.  I haven't tried the offline version yet.
+sherlock holmes It possible your internet connection is slow or something. I use Google spreadsheet and it work find for me. Last, do you know Google docs support offline mode? 
Lack of a suitable Outlook replacement is the sole reason I use OSX instead of Linux on my daily productivity machine.
+Niels Hansen My internet is super fast.   I just find Google Docs spreadsheet more tedious than using software that's on my computer.  Plus.... I also use spreadsheets for financial info and such.  I don't really want that stuff in the cloud.  I haven't fooled around with the offline version of Google Docs, but as I stated earlier.... I'm not so sure that I want all of my documents buried in some database file.
If it´s open source or at least freeware then sounds good to me.
This could mean Linux becoming a mainstream OS for college students. I've showed multiple friends in college Linux and they loved it. Yet, their reason of not using it is because of not having office for students, as well as, IE9. Safe to stay though Linux could dominate the market in a matter of years!
OpenOffice/Libre is just not it, imo. It's nice for making summaries of some school subjects in so that you can use these for yourself or create a few drafts that don't have to look too nice for some ideas. Anything more complicated is simply not what you use these office suites for. WINE is crap too. It ports all of Window's problems to Linux, and MS Office doesn't work well in it either. Maybe we can finally have both a good OS AND a good office suite in 2014, instead of having to choose between the two.

I think Microsoft is mostly looking into porting Office because from what I've heard, more and more governments are starting to switch to Linux, and that is an important user base. Although if you look at Steam, over 1% of the clients is installed on Ubuntu. That is not taking into account anything that is not Ubuntu. 1-1.5% of tens of millions of users (MS Office is extremely popular, after all, so we're talking about an insane amount of customers in the current situation already) is still a LOT of customers. Not selling products to that 1% does mean missing out on millions of dollars that you could have had. Most people would consider it worth the hazzle if a Linux port can make that much extra money.
+Kevin Rogers I agree with most of what you say, but Linux dominating the market in a few years I fund it hard to believe. I think it would need for most developers making Linux programs over windows apps.
Matt L
Waste of time. They wouldn't sell much
+Matt L Maybe 1% of a tens of millions user base? Unless you consider millions of dollars change money, it's a lot, even if it is relatively little.
FUCKING AWESOME! But Linux is the market for gamers... Well, it's good to be early. Yet very risky.
Let me say this first: LibreOffice is awesome, and that's what I use both at home and professionally.

That being said, though it's a great software suite, it doesn't come close to comparing with Office in the depth of features available or ease of use. Heck, it's not even as "pretty" anymore. Outlook and Access alone make this an extremely valuable offering for Linux.

No, it won't be free. Why should it? Microsoft successfully sells plenty of Office pacakages. I don't think that they'll even consider going open source until something that already is manages to create something that's close to the functionality of Outlook, or a database that's as easy to use as Access.
I use Open Office. I have never had a need for MS Office. It is a waste of money.
If adobe can get with the program as well I could be totally free (of windows)
This is the one time I wish there was Google minus. As of today, 2-7-2013, Google Drive documents, spreadsheets and presentations are version 2-7-2013. Why would I buy something that will be obsolete, no matter the operating system?
This looks really cool and will help bring Linux up to mainstream usage, which I would love to see. Hopefully MS does it for another revenue stream. 
Does that is almost ready for android?
Office will cause Linux to crash and burn, lol. That would work well for Microsoft
Ruben A
It's happening
Honestly, it seems that it would give them more headache than anything. On the desktop market, web applications are increasingly powerful, and if their timeline is 2014 then and it would make much more sense for them to focus the  development on Office 365, and offer that on Linux. 

Even if they have a version for Android, providing it to the Linux community has little advantage (a little more sale for a few years?) and an incredible amount of headache in support. 
Office? Meh. Direct X? Whoa. That's cool.
For the record: BOO! HISS! Never on any computer I'm using.
I dont want MS Office on Linux, personally, but others might. Some people/companies actually need it. Let them have it, after paying for it, if they want it.
Good to see MS get in the game.

Now after the Win8 lackluster launch they need to reconsider whether they're even wanting to make more OS versions.

Perhaps they want to go toe to toe with KDE or GNOME instead of increasing tons of money in an OS that the average person week only notice and complain about the new desktop.
The only reason anyone would use it would be to use Outlook. Microsoft would open themselves to making a lot more money if they just made a first class web based interface for Exchange that worked just add well in Chrome and Firefox as it does in IE.
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