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iTunes — It goes to 11. (In design, if not performance.) -
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Can't wait to get home and download it.
David H
Previewing music... 

Before iTunes 11 - Starts in 1 second or less
iTunes 11 - Connecting... Rebuffering Stream... Rebuffering Stream...
Love the way the expanded album view checks the most common color in the album art and makes it the background color of the view. #developer #ui #ux #cool
I like it. Whilst there are things missing that are unlikely ever to make it to iTunes, I've grown to accept it as it is.

So far iTunes 11 seems to be snappier than previous versions and as +Brian Kuyath mentioned I like the background fill in expanded album view.

I wonder if Google responds with improvements to their web player, which now feels a bit dated.
+Petr Faitl I've actually never used Google's web player. I always find myself in #spotify . While I think the interface changes are interesting, not sure they're enough to bring me back to using iTunes on a regular basis.
Hmm, I've never liked itunes, it's always ridiculously slow when dealing with devices, even on my new machine, and I've always wondered if it was related to being a windows machine...can any Mac iOS peeps relate to this?
+sooz myhill when it comes to dealing with our old iPad & pre-iTunes 11, I've been tearing my hair out. And somehow I don't think the experience will get any better... Time to give it a go...
I have an old mac mini. It gets more and more sluggish as time goes by. Thing is, I only use it to back-up and get music and apps on to my iPhone and to occasionally watch movies -- all through iTunes. So it seems the primary cause of the obsolescence of my hardware is an ever-bloating iTunes. I can only verify this, of course, by wiping the machine clean and installing Snow Leopard and running a little experiment.
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