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Awesome! We binge watched all the episodes.
Politics, at it's worst. Or maybe that's what it's always like.
Surprised it's not a higher number than that. The other 90% are missing out big time.
I haven't, but my husband has and he likes it a lot!
I'll have to check it out! It's slipped my mind. Maybe there's an "Exclusive" category I'm missing?
I'm gonna start watching it once I get caught up with Breaking Bad. My friend watched and said it was fantastic. I'm looking forward to it.
You'll be let down after watching breaking bad lol. 
Haha ya I definitely don't expect it to be a Breaking Bad. I don't know if anything can top that show.
+Brett Yanoski HA HA, that sounds like me. I couldn't even thinks of watching HOC before I finished Breaking Bad.
+Yanni Rez I love the inside look it gives on how deals are made in politics, and how ruthless politicians can be. 
I think it's fantastic. I am eager to see the next season.

I am not surprised about the lack of people watching though. I haven't seen much in the way of advertising. A normal network would use some of its own airtime to advertise by showing snippets of the show while all I've seen from +Netflix with +House of Cards is a short description of the show asking you if you want to watch it when it first came out. Maybe they need to advertise it on network television.
I have 3 episodes left. just started watching on Sunday. very well done. looking forward to season two.
+Ron Kaiser Yup. Pretty much everything I watch is on hold until I finish that. It's just so good.
I thing Netflix are on to something here. Only watched 4 episodes in à row though :) 
The show was great, giving the fact that Kevin Spacey is there. Could not resist into watching it because of him. Also, the politics and all of the drama is great, too bad I finished it all within 13 hours a total of 3 days worth of time.
Was pretty good, but felt kinda low budget somehow.
+Will Sours They spent 100 Million on the show and had tremendous production value (I thought some of the settings were grand) dont know how you felt any of it as low budget 
+Nick Deuel +Will Sours Anything below $500 mill is low budget. Note that this is not a movie... this is a series and giving the fact that this is not a network tv series or cable series... they did a good job with the budget they got.
I'm hooked but as a Londoner have fond memories of original British version. 
+Robert Rivera Avengers was made for 220 million and Dark Knight Rises was made for 250 million so by your definition those are low budget movies....I think you need to rethink your statement a little bit
It was an excellent show.IMHO it was much better than anything currently on tv.
It's awesome!  Great writing, acting, and direction.  David Fincher and Kevin Spacey are a great team. It ranks right up there with Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, the Newsroom, and Mad Men as one of my favorite dramas currently running.  If you have Netflix you have to watch it!  Kudos to all those involved with making this show happen on Netflix.
Its awesome. I need season two already.
I watched all the episodes. Loved it. 
Loved it!. Great cast, story and the overall look and feel felt reeled me in and wanting more. Watched all 13 episodes in 1 weekend 
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