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Here's the hottest messaging app that you probably haven't heard of.
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I've been using line for a couple months now because my Taiwanese boss wanted to use it to send me pictures for work. It's OK but there's plenty of room for improvement in the ui for android and windows.
been using it for a very long time
convenient and reliable
it has desktop client too 
Matt J
I've heard of it. I made an account last year, though I never use it.
in india.... no
let me check this unheard app
And using WeChat you let PRC government to monitor everything you write
Line, yet another piece of crap software. It drains my battery. Tried a couple of times with the same result. Imho once google put a little bit of effort on improving talk, that would kill them all for once anf for all, but now it still lacks for some important features...
I d love to be with y and i know your a man of zero compromise and i love you for that!
+TechCrunch enough with the messaging apps already!

also, no more photo sharing or travel apps either, please!
I've been using LINE since June! My favorite messaging app! (PC, Android, AND iOS versions) :D
Massive here in indonesia too... Lots of conversion from blackbery users
I agree with Fernando. It drains my battery and freezes on my s3. On top of that it feels cheap.
Sounds interesting...
However, when you use internet in a smartphone the only thing  that may interested with that kind of app is VoIP (XMPP/SIP) and nothing else...
just bored of these app as usual with the market having so many likewise apps
we dont want same with differnet names
i liked whatsapp,skype nd kik
beny xu
+Allan Wong I believe prc government really interested on your writing :).
Google should maximize gtalk, I really like it, multiple login from any devices I have. 
i used it, not stable if i'm login through wifi.. even if i'm in, my stickers not downloading (˘̩̩̩^˘̩̩̩) 
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