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Facebook unveils the two people who spearheaded the new “third pillar” of Facebook: Lars Rasmussen and Tom Stocky, two heavy-hitters that Facebook hired away from Google.
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So they're the ones responsible for making me yawn all day!
Wait... are you telling me that 2 guys left Google to go work at Facebook? Are they coo coo for Cocoa Puffs? 
That's nice and all, but FB has it all backwards- they should've had this eons ago (or at least before I went to G+ for that functionality). Still "sweatin" Google's (pace of) innovation...
Actually, it is genius.

First, Facebook starts charging for users to connect with people they do not know and then they give them a tool to discover people they do not know.

the only folks i know using FB for business are published writers.
Pah-thetic. If I'm searching for a sushi restaurant (to use their example) I might want to know where my friends went, but I also want a lot more data points. And the likelihood that enough of my 700 or so friends, spread through some 5 cities in 2 countries have enough opinions to convince me of something is minimal.
G+ ftw!
S Mann
It would be hilarious if news leaked that these two are still on Google's payroll. Lol
I don't think the new Facebook Graph Search will be of much value to me. 

I don't care to search on things that I or others have clicked Like on. What I want to search on Facebook is my own content, to track down certain articles I've posted, that are now buried and require laborious scrolling to find.

I don't see any value to searching things like "music liked by people who like Jody Foster and Lance Armstrong". There may be some value to connections and combinations of Likes, but I'm not interested in what anybody else likes, as I value my own judgments over those of my peers.

If I'm in a strange town, I don't see any benefit to searching "restaurants in New Orleans liked by my Facebook friends". Who says they're an authority on fine dining? Maybe they prefer fast junk food, while I myself want to eat at organic health food restaurants whenever possible.

This whole orientation toward discovering what celebrities or friends like, and then imitating them, seems to be based on a conformist, insecure, dependent, easily influenced mindset.

To base search on quantity of Likes is one form of value, but I much prefer the Google search logic of links. It's easy to click on Like just to be nice, but when you link to a web object, it implies a far more serious and deeper commitment to the object.
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