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The new iMac: Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in USA -
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Wonder how apple haters are going to spin this one
Even though I'm from Australia, it's good to see that the global economy starts to level out and jobs are created back 'home' :-)
not china?
oh we chinese are abandoned....
Harry G
They look awesome and very cool that at least some are being assembled in the US.
Curious question, doesn't assembled in the US simply mean it was made elsewhere and put together here?

None of the components were actually made in the US, right?

Or is the happiness that now the units are actually being assembled here, rather than in a foreign country?

Because assembled does not equal made. At least that's been my understanding. 
"Assembled in USA" is a loose term. I worked for a car stereo amp company and when the closed out facility at moved it all to Hong Kong and then the boards were put into the heat sinks in Cali. "Assembled in USA" ...... BS.... used to be 100% Assembled in USA all the way down to the resistors
parts made in china - assembled in USA?
Alex, i agree. They would say made in the US if the components WERE made here.
I do +Marco, with that attitude we will never strive to better our lives.
LOL...let's be honest...who cares?
why is that important ?  Shouldn't they use the most efficient way of producing ?
BTW, saying that producing in china steels jobs in America is a complete FALACY from beginning to end.
+Matt Keithley well the thing is that I don't really care where Google, Apple or any other company build its products.
As a consumer eventually I might care about how...but that's not something you can determine by a tiny slogan printend on a surface. Anyone can write anything anywhere, is just marketing you know.
they will use robot  insted of  workers.
so theres no employee increase
Designed by Apple in California. Parts Made in China. Interior components assembled into Casing in USA.
Apple took a bit of a PR hit over the past two years.  Considering the political climate we're in, it is not surprising at all that they would throw a bone, albeit small, to the insourcing crowd.
So they finally figured out that Foxxconn was conning them all along? (See what I did there)
All the parts made in China! Assembled in USA!
Lovely pun. Foxconn is probably still making some of the parts though. It's as the label states: Assembled in the USA. Doesn't mean that any of it is made in the USA, just that they glued it all together in the US.
+Matt Keithley I usually I don't get into the workflow or labourforce ethics of a company any time I need to buy something. I might be slightly pessimistic on the matter but if I were really into this sort of things I wouldn't take as example any electronics, textile or any other global company. As we all know they ended supporting local economies somewhere in the 80s, and I'm afraid no small print on a piece of metal will make global market get back to local scale. Apple is no exception.
So american just does the assembly part ?
Assembled... which is good, but exactly does "Assembled" mean to apple...the same company that has a patent on the rectangle with round corners...if it seems too good to be true, well... time will tell
Adam S
No wonder why Apple products cost so much! 
Google's Nexus Q is made in the USA.
I need more contex before I judge the merits of this.
Eddie N
Maybe the job of the person who stenciled that is based in the US... ;)
Not super impressed. Assembled in USA, every part made by underpaid, overworked employees via Foxcon etc in China.

This is wordsmithing at best.
Assembled means "put together". Seriously how thick are people on G+? At least it's a start but haters are always gonna hate.
"Manufactured in the USA" would be the words I'd like to see. This translates to a couple of minimum wage grunts turning screws. I'd love to see Apple bring some high tech manufacturing back to the states. Unfortunately that would cut into the shareholders bottom line and we can't have that. 
Wonder how much the price will increase now that its assembled in america?
Hopefully one day it would say made in the USA. 
Assembled != manufactured/made. Big difference. 
Meh, I support lively-hoods worldwide. Also, you get what you pay for; you can get anything you want "Made in USA", youll just have to pay a bit more for it. If you want to support your country, dont be cheap. If you want to support developing countries, consume all the cheap crap you can. Simple. 
Assembled in the USA by putting it in a box, maybe...
Hmmmm that means... That all the glued on lcds are the usa fault lol 
Who cares? It's still an Apple product.
Assembled in USA from parts made in china
It is always a little more expensive to purchase good mad in America. Apple is already a little more expensive, so now the mark up is justified . Now I will purchase one .
Finally, something's made in USA after years of Apple making its products in China!

+John Knights assembled does not mean the entire device was put together in the could simply mean that the iMac was put in the box and prepared for shipping. Apple considers their packaging part of the Mac experience, which they always talk about the user experience of unveiling(opening) whatever product you purchased, technically that's part of the assembly. Being the PR whores that Apple strive to be...more than likely it's "thick" PR B.S.
Of course china now puts made in USA India etc on their products to avoid stigma of Chinese made ... knock off meds in afri Asian markets for example are stated as made in India but not same quality... someone should read manufacturers code see which is true 
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