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If my phone falls down the seat crevice again I’ll lose it. Please redesign meatspace -
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a ruler or an ice scraper will get it out. it's no big deal
oh boy. I could tell you a story about this...involving the police, after hours, rain, a clothes hanger and being lost. [shakes head].
It wouldn't be an issue if you left the damn thing in your pocket while driving!
My alternative for this has been my cup holder. (considering I don't put cups there.) I just bought a phone mount for my windshield. This may prove to be one of the better options. With a nexus 4, I can't afford to drop it anywhere, including the seat crevice. 
using a mobile phone whilst driving is equivalent to having a blood alcohol level of 0.08!!
1. Dashboard mount. Don't text and drive.

2. I haven't found a smartphone yet that won't fit in a pants pocket. Maybe you need to take some things out?

3. An electrician can drop an extra outlet wherever you need quickly and cheaply. 
Just get a laptop with a mount and dock your phone in the cup holder. Cops do it everyday so do I.
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