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What is your default search engine?
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Ain't nothin' more important than the Google!
Stupid Question on Google+ rolleyes
I'm guessing that asking this on Google+ may make your results skew to Google even more than they probably would. Oh, and yes, I use Google pretty much exclusively.
Google but Twitter is a close 2nd now days ....
The one that searches Microsoft's site best.  Of course that is +Google 
do you really have to ask on google+?
I mean what do you expect us to say? "Altvista 4EVA!"
Add me and I'll add you back! (put me in photos, tech, news, photojournalism, foreign correspondence) 
Google. Best results easier to see, a lot less clutter, user friendly.
Bing...No wait! What am I saying? Google. 
Bing on PC and Mobile...Google on Mac.
Haha seriously, what were you expecting posting this on Google+?? Obviously Google! 
This is like asking me to pick my favorite child!  Wait, no it isn't.  Google.
Guys here is only one search engine... GOOGLE!
+Kim Z Dale They asked this same question on Facebook, with just about identical results.
This should an obvious answer on Google+.
Yahoo still has a search engine? 
I am not a H-tek dude, I am the Wulfman from SWEDEN! 
Google, when that doesn't work Google scholar... If that doesn't work i quit searching. 
I'd use any search engine - while it turns up what I'm looking for.
What's a Bing? Oh yeah that search engine that scrapes Googles results... GOOGLE :)
John Ro
I'm loyal to no one.

But I use Google
John Ro
Google is a freaking verb
oh, there's other ones?

yeah, nobody says "I'm going to Yahoo that". Doesn't have quite the same ring.
Google, Google and only Google
Duh... the one and only Google!
I've always used Google and i will continue doing so
Google, What kind of questions is that. 
Why would I use rather than Google, of course Google 
is there another apart from Google??
some times I want to use yahoo, and to reach it, I Google it instead of writing address! 
Google 40.000 times (stats from Google Web history) 
Google, I tried the others but Google constantly gave better results. 
Ummm, take a guess since I'm on Google+?
I used to use Google everywhere until they started putting "personalized" results at the top of things.  That led to an embarrassing situation in which a friend's query about a personal issue landed at the top of my search results while at work and coworkers saw it.

I have since switched to duckduckgo.
+Alan Wexelblat Not that I blame you for switching after that, but you can turn off personalized results in the search settings menu if you'd like.  
Google for work, because it is faster. Bing for personal, because I get points. (Used chrome and set up 2 identities to keep things separate  so it is in my default settings) 
Google.  In Windows 8 it shows a strong commitment to say that as it is an involved to switch it from Bing
OMG! There are other search engines! I didn't know that.
which of these search engines matter?
I use Google, but I just realized I hadn't actually tried Bing for a while.  So I brainstormed a list of searches, opened up a couple of new tabs, and did a side-by-side comparison.

"sony smp android app" (since a friend of mine is looking at different streaming media players, but wants to be able to use his phone as a remote)
Google barely wins, since the first result was an app in the Play store, while Bing had that as the second result and the product page for the Sony SMP as the first.

Google barely wins again.  The biographical info to the right of the search results is similar, with each providing some info the other doesn't (Bing lists his height, while Google lists his salary and time in the 40 yard dash).  Google has an edge here by placing links to images of Colin Kaepernick in the bio area, while Bing just includes images that match "kaepernick" in the search results.  I also give Google a slight edge in search results since it lists news articles first, followed by his Wikipedia page, while Bing lists the Wikipedia page first and the news links four results down the page.

Nearly identical results, though I'm giving it to Bing since the info section to the right of the results is slightly more detailed, and includes a "People also search for" section which could be helpful.

"iron man"
Google wins, no contest.  Bing's info section to the right of the results was exclusively about the 2008 movie, and most of the search results dealt with the movies or the comic book character.  While Google's search results were similar, they also included results dealing with the Ironman Triathlon, and the info section to the right of the results allows you to specify whether you're looking for information about the comic book character, the 2008 movie, the upcoming Iron Man 3, or the Ironman Triathlon.  Google is much more useful here in finding the info I want, regardless of which "iron man" I might be referring to.

"best search engine"
I'm giving this to Google because Bing annoyed me.  While the search results themselves were quite similar, Bing displayed a large pop-up next to the search bar saying "It's Bing vs. Google!
In blind tests, people preferred Bing to Google for the web's top searches. Don't believe it? Take the Challenge."  Two problems here.  First, I'm already using Bing, so what's the point of this?  Second, if I'm searching for reviews and comparisons of the different search engines, I don't want any bias on whatever search engine I'm using.  Even though the results weren't affected, the pop-up might introduce bias in me that would affect the way I approach those results.  Which it did, in this case against Bing.

So... I'm sticking with Google.  Bing is a lot better than it used to be, but it's still no Google.
+Matt Burns Good comparison. It would be nice to have a competitor to Google, but for now, they are top of the hill. BTW it'll be interesting to see how Facebook Graph figures in all this. It certainly is an improvement on the old FB search, but I wouldn't use it for routine web searches just yet...
Bing (Desktop) and Google (Mobile).
Umm. . . just Google and google. :)
Google mostly, but Bing for the points.
Google no doubt.
I found it kinda funny when I saw someone using Baidu or Qihu360 here. 
Google., sometimes I switched to yahoo or Bing to give google a rested for a while., and changed it to google.., actually what's the different??
I honestly can't believe anyone would still be using anything other than Google these days...
Google.  Bing wants to be Google when it grows up.
Google in Chrome, Bing in IE.
If it cost the same which one would you drive: Ford Pinto or Porsche 911 turbo?
+Roger Harris Speaking (in a roundabout way) of Facebook's search, the searches I ran earlier were done with Google's personalized search intentionally disabled. Toss that in the mix, and Google suddenly looks even better compared to Bing. 
The last time I changed my default search provider was around 1997, going from Alta Vista to +Google. I see no reason to change again, though I try out other search engines from time to time. So far, nothing else comes close.
Aaron L
the one which is used most is not always the best. some minor SE would allow you to search something on the other side if u know what i mean!
google the swiss army
I don't need google, I just ask my wife, she knows everything!
Nadim M
There are other search engines? I thought the other two were notification tone descriptions. 
I use Google on my mobile devices, but on my PC I use Yahoo. It's the only search engine I've really ever used. I really don't see any difference between the different engines - certainly not enough to make me break my habits.
Silly Spider-Man. Bing is for losers. 
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