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Now will they do anything with it? Or another flop?
Yes, like +Jason Jones and +Jon DeJesus said.  Microsoft buys lots of great products/companies, but can never follow through.  They only end up making themselves poorer, and the world poorer for sucking great ideas into the Redmond black hole.
people are so pre occupied with their phone or tablet of the month, that they fail to see the endgame or the big picture. Win8/WP8/xbox, all offer seamless wander through integration, all share gesture based and voice control, link this into home or facility automation.......
So what - if they spend the time and money bringing the product to market why should they give it to others. How do you think the world works!

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+William Frady I think their research path has shown that they will bring to market, I don't believe they have the same mentality as #Apple  who have come from underdog to powerplayer and will do anything to stay there
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