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My favorite part is when people said they were canceling their Instagram accounts...on Facebook. Um, so are you going to cancel your Facebook too? Pretty much the same deal with your photos as far as I can tell.
It's not a big deal. They amended the terms in favor of users after the feedback. No one has to use Instagram. What duty does Instagram have to notify users? 
Takes too long to load. I cancelled my account and i dont put my photos on facebook, i use flickr, far better terms of service
No wouldn't use it, deleted my account. There's not enough benefit in Instagram to risk those dodgy terms. 
Which ones? They change them every time you upload a picture, I think...
I deleted my account when they changed them. I will not use it again for two reasons. I no longer trust them, and Google+ with Snapseed is proving to be a much better alternative! 
No I'm not okay. They blow!
I don't use instagram, I get better results with photoshop filters.
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