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They should have been releasing it for Android first, not Cr' #Apple . 
Featured Section only is this a NEws???
Did #Apple  come out and say thats why they removed it or was it assumed... as often as things change from "Featured" I wouldn't be surprised if it had nothing to do with the "porn" issue.   Not to mention how easy it is for people to forget that porn paid for the internet to be what it is today... if you don't like it don't follow those people..
All bow and shout words of praise to your fruity overlord for controlling your content!   #iSheep  

When does Reddit and Tumblr get taken down? How far down the rabbit hole is Apple willing to go with censorship?
I can't believe something that accesses the internet could be used to load porn...
Lol! Next time bone headed developers must realese to the Android OS first... 
Lol poor android Koolaid drinkers find any reason to pile on iOS.. It's the app not the OS... Side note is Vine app is pretty cool if your the creative type! 
I think it is fair to assume that Vine has one fewer editors this morning. 
Google's next. Pretty easy to search for porn on their app too.
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