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U.S. Patent Office preliminary determination finds that the ‘Steve Jobs’ multitouch patent is invalid -
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*Ruroh raggy hahaha
Charles M
Karma has a way of kicking ones butt. I hope thus is just the beginning in true Patent reform. 
Does the Patent Office still hold that Steve Jobs invented the rectangle?
And the google fan boys go wild!
Finally... take them that.. long to come to sense.
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  Anyone who thinks this is bad - is so far gone a fanboy - that they severely need a life. Apple has proven once and for all - how bad patents are!  +Nolan Nguyen 
I didn't think generally that patents were bad.
I didn't think generally that patent were uhh bad :/
In general, the idea and original intent behind patents are not bad (though they've become a bit of a monster these days).  However, software patents specifically tend to stifle innovation and creation rather than protect it.  A huge chunk of code and interface design is shared due to the nature of the platforms we use, making software patents obstacles to creativity.
Now all the Google fanboys suddenly LOVE the patent system
Stop talking out your asses. The patent lawyers that Apple and Samsung employ actually know more about it than all of you. So stop being Monday Morning patent experts!

With that being said, it's funny how Apple using their parents against Google is somehow bad, but Google using Motorola's patents against MS means nothing. They sued to block the sale of the Xbox, that has nothing to do with mobile devices. You tell me which patent war is more baseless?
+C.E. Downes I haven't read any posts "loving the Patent System ". What I read is we are happy with the decision as it is what it should have been from the beginning. 
Google didn't use Motorola's patents against Microsoft, Motorola used its own. Google does not control/intervene in Motorola's management, it merely acquired their patents to protect the rest of their OEMs. All IP patent wars are as baseless as each other. Mobile patents suing the Xbox is as baseless as suing over rectangles. Also if you cared to even pay attention to to the Motorola case, it was over wireless parents (and video codecs? ) which I'm fairly sure the Xbox classes as a mobile device so it's not baseless in the least. :-) 
Wrong +tom beauchamp , what you're doing is what Republicans do. Equating things that are not equal. Suing a company for a device that doesn't even compete with you is far worse than suing a rival who did rip-off almost everything your company had done up to that point without paying the license fees. 

My point is that the patent system is important, and above 99.9% of the populous' heads. So stop blaming these companies with legitimate gripes for suing other companies!!

If you invent the Pot that drains pasta (Apple), you deserve to have that patent protected against other pots that "only drain macaroni" (Samsung). But you shouldn't be protected against forks and knives (Xbox)....I hope that strange analogy makes sense.
Does anyone really know what the bitten apple logo really means? Think different is another clue....
How is the patent office like a bottle of ketchup? Both need to be turned upside down and slapped on the bottom
hmmm...seems Samsung is going to earn a ton from them!!
I like Apple products but am adamantly against software patents so this is good news!
what's really fucked up is that "multi-touch" is a way more relevant patent than "rectangle with rounded corners"...
Oh shit!!!
This is one patent apple should have fought tooth and nail to keep.
Not good news
I thought it said TechChurch. Gotta clean my glasses 
Lol this is great news. I'm sick of these cunts
Erik P.
+Alex Wilson. Man.. dude... chill... what exactly did Apple invent? Ok now the faxt that about used someone elses software and technology or based software that was free.. not a problem, thing should be avle to be done that way becau se its boosts us forward... but the moment you start cutting it off, claiming its yours, and attacking others for using the technology that should be free.. not good
Erik P.
+Alex Wilson. At least thats how I see it, or maybe im misinformed.. whatever the case you badgering people because they might be naive or ignorant, not cool man.. instead educate the facts
These patents put a choke hold on innovation. Thank god the patent office is finally realizing this. 
Hopefully they get around to all the other senseless patents. 
Apple has made so many mistakes, but people still buy iPhone 5 :-( 
i never had one wht is it that's wrong about it, my dream is to own it one day....!!,?
+Ali Al Abbas they deprecate features and call them upgrades, forcing people to buy into it. What are people to do really. Viscous cycle.
1996 - 1997, was the first time I saw this technology on a computerized cash register at "Shells of Melbourne".

Again in 2005 - 2006, while serving at "Taco Bell & Panda Express".
+Alex Wilson The difference is that Apples patents are at times not their own ideas. Nobody is questioning the validity of Motorola's patents. 
No one said that they like the Patent system. Just confirms most of our opinions that the approval of software patents need to be re-evaluated. Stop being lazy or demonstrating technology ignorance when approving generic, dubious patents. Patent reform needs to happen for the technology (really software) sector to promote real innovation and benefit to end-users. Innovate on quality & providing the most compelling features and customer service, and you'll do just fine. Let the merits of your own products dictate success.

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