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Is Facebook going to buy WhatsApp?
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Oh please god no.  Anything but this.
oh please don't let it be...
Rather prefer if Google buys it!
If Facebook acquires WhatsApp, I will remove the app from my smartphone. 
since I've never heard of it, they'll probably drop another billion to get it. 
Adam S
+T.J. Anderson same here. Anything Facebook related and I'm starting to delete it. My account is next.
That would be the end of my whatsapp usage 
For the love of god no! Please god nooooooooooooooo
Mark C
Awesome!!  Even more ads delivered to my phone.  Looks like I need to delete this app.
Why buy something that nobody uses?
I can picture this "Whatsapp messages and pitures will be posted on your Facebook timeline and will be visible only to your friends" Good bye privacy, good bye Whatsapp
and if they do... i will uninstall it.
The two companies just seem philosophically different .. as a user of whatsapp I have to agree with ppl concerned with this news. 
aww lord, i don't want advertisements popping up and down on my whatsapp!
People really don't want to pay for text messaging & want to share things in a fun more robust manner.
Will erase it it so fast they don't even know i was there...
I hope this doesn't happen. That being said, If it does there are plenty of alternatives around to pick up the users. 
another bad news for communication after M$ bought skype....
oooooh not at all good news :(
Another worthless junk :) ye, FB, buy it as you'll vanish soon anyway
I hope this doesn't happen.
That being said, If it does
there are plenty of
alternatives around to pick
up the users.
Good alternatives... Viber and Line
The way facebook app for android works? No thanks
A disturbance in the though millions of Whatsappers cried out NOOOOOOO and were silenced :(
I should care... but I have not found many people how use this App to make it useful for me! Most everyone I know just uses SMS others use Facebook messenger.
@Jesus Villanueva my friends and my family use this app to communicate to each other. We plan trips, announce news and a lot of stuff. Hope Facebook wont buy it...
Why people pay (on iPhone) for WhatsApp when all it is is instant messaging still boggles me. I guess its the exclusivity that people like, kinda like how Facebook was back in the days. It does go for free every once in while though.
A Facebook acquisition would stop me using WhatsApp :-( 
I like Viber more aniway, it's iMessage and FaceTime sort of services free. So what's upp all that WhatsApp fuss ;)
Facebook z jus goin to destroy whatsapp .
Oon dn't let it be lk that please no no noooooo o my god
Totally removed application,
But FB try to renovate this application, some new feature may help him, 
the minute this happens I'm deleting the app
As long as associating accounts is optional and it doesn't change the app itself, I can't see the problem. 
Dont have much frens on the plus. If fb buys whats app we all know how that goes. Only the strong survive these days. Ms bought skype. Google bought motoola. Htc bought out 51% of dr dre beats audio. Whats next?
Nice one for the company but bad for the users.
Where's the god damn Google alternative for this? I'm still waiting for them to stop the "messenger orgy" and produce a single unified and integrated service. WhatsApp on Android is what googleTalk and Google+ Messanger should have been.
Can use "WeChat" to replace Whatsapp, which providing free text and voice messaging.
I'd like to think WhatsApp would be screwed if Facebook bought it unless they leave it alone lol...
Oh noooooo!!!!! I would love a world without FB lol
For 2 billion dolar this time ?
If so then I'm leaving from the new high tech and going back to old school with texting sms and etc. 
Geez!!!!! Can anyone tell me where I can buy a Nokia 3310 lol
Since i am going to remove it as soon as Facebook buys it,Any worthwhile alternatives?
Although facebook can afford to buy whatsapp, i don't see any kind of  synergy here. it wont make anyone login to fb more (or less)
is this strategic investment or just hedging their risks for future.
Zucko betting more on chat/pics than socializing. #unclear  
Whatsapp has been pissing me off from Day 1 and I was tired of FB, but now. NO FB and WHATSAPP. I Will root my phone and remove the built in FB app. I HATE FB.
I only ever used it to communicate with a few iPhone owning people since they all seem to use it. But I can't recall the last time I actually used it.
Really hope this doesn't happen :-/
why would they want to buy watsapp anyway, FB has its own message app... make no sense at all...
I dont pay for whatsapp, over here everyone with a smartphone gets whatsapp as a prerequisite, n we all stay in touch for free even in large groups- also faster n more responsive than fb messenger, no paying for sms.. Viber doesnt work as good, so any better suggestions if whatsapp does fuck up under fb?
Whatsapp is useless for three fact that it only works on phones and not tablets. (Last time i checked anyway, which was about when i gave up using it) Google talk seems to be the best featured im so far. It doesn't have everything but it has the major needs covered.
It should be able to manage large group chats over text, audio, images n have no international or voip restrictions.. Whatsapp is a godsend, so what replace it as good as all that?
a very good replacement for whatsapp would be yahoo messenger, I use it when whatsapp is slow, and messages don't go through... 
i love whatapp,its fast and its free,wht else can you ask for
all Facebook have to do is improve their own messaging app. I find I end up using facebook more than whatsapp cause all of my contacts are on it.
But guys how will they data mine if they can't use whatsapp messages too. Spare a thought for the people that made facebook famous in exchange for data..... All your data lol
Well I've sent them a tweet begging not to sell
nobody uses whatsapp anyway (._.)
Deb Els
All good things must end. It is only the rubbish that keeps on going.
I dont know what is the point...? Im use both togather...
well to be honest if facebook buys whatsapp I will uninstall it. I left facebook because of their strange and muddy privacy stuff. As long as they are not honest, upfront and less intrusive I see no reason to be on fb.
Instagram is fine (ok I don't really use it as much. I kind of stopped using it when it was opened to Android users, witch was a year ago..... And no I did not stop using it because of it being on Android).

I have free text, in fact I would say free text is a stranded thing. So if it goes I don't think a lot of people will miss it.

I do use it though.

And why the hell would Facebook buy it though?
That would play only to the hands of RIM. It would be very detrimental to non-RIM ecosystems ...
If this is true I will be using Viber and deleting WhatsApp.
Gyl Sky
phew... glad i resisted the use of whatsapp
i want to have a brand new cellphone like iphone
I'd rather Google take over
pls see the video in youtube the gangnamstyle by princess and mech
I use it everyday to keep in touch with family and friends... and if facebook buys it, it will go the same way as Beluga (ie: they will shut it down and force you to use their crappy messaging app)

+Vic Gundotra When are you going to fix your IM services (consolidate SMS, google talk, google+ messaging  into one service???!!!). I hate facebook, but you are not giving your users much choices!
BTW.. one of the main reasons Whatsapp is so succefull is because if you know someone's mobile phone number you can easily find them in Whatsapp why can't you just allow that in google plus messenger!!!

+Google+ ... are you listening???!!!
if so then you cannot talk to anybody unless she/he is in your friend list on facebook 
hope I'm wrong
Shameless infomercial to promote free, crowdsourced translation of service.
Please noooo!!! I stay away from FB already... 
i wonder if it might be a better fit with +Tumblr due to their stance on monetisation?
I hope not...have to find something else then.
Oh then
Ill unsubscribe to wass up!!
Screw fass boo!!
I don't care if they buy, but they better not make me 'sign-in using Facebook account'..... :@
+Adel Maniar that very reason is why I don't think Facebook would continue with Whatsapp if they bought it. The whole point of Whatsapp is it's seamless. Requiring a Facebook sign in kills that.
I'm happy for the developer. It's a great app and like many of you, I'm using it daily. Sure the pay up will be great award for job well done. But for fuck sake, why Facebook? Why? The more I try to stay away from it, the more they creep in to my phone through more apps. 
+Era Iris because whatsapp is like Skype, everyone I know has it, is so much easier than asking people to migrate to new app.
+Jesus Villanueva it must be region specific, because here no one uses sms anymore. With great, low cost fee for monthly data plan, you can sent countless videos, photos and audio free. And you can text groups. Using sms today, is like washing clothes on the rock, man :-)
+Tim Kermode exactly, unless they come with a crazy clause. The mobile number being used for WhatsApp must match to the one in your Facebook profile :P just trolling I suppose lol
I hate Facebook, but i always up date my Facebook profile, lol,...
Thanks to all friends , good night sweet dreams to all good friends those who are in touch with me.
FB not touching my Whatsapp...never ever....!!!
And you know what is a better deal... Google buying pinterest
i really should thank for this heads up, i was seriously planning to pay!
Not convinced this is real but even if it is, it's unlikely to change the experience. Having it pick up contacts amongst your FB friends as well as your phone contacts could actually be good.

Regardless, I switched to eBuddy XMS a while back anyway and it's just as good. Better in some ways.. I've never seen the service go down, unlike Whatapps'. Plus the web client is super handy for messaging from the desktop.
I am sick of facebook acquiring products! Just go away and let someone else buy in and allow the users freedom instead of force feed facebook integration
Damn! I hope that never happens. I use whatsapp all the time and I don't want facebook to screw it up.
Personally I stopped using Whatsapp and I also deactivated my G+ account and use exclusively G+ and Google Talk, hopefully I'll never have to go back to whatsapp/facebook. Although I really did like Whatsapp Functionality of sending different media files to friends. The search feature is pretty good too.
not sure this a good idea,but maybe whatsapp is getting broke and they need to sell to stay afloat. did anyone remember bolt browser? i hope whatsapp can remain as it is though.
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