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Lytro reinvents the camera once again, now lets photos change perspective along with focus -
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Very nice updates. I'm looking forward to 3D which has been rumored since the start. Maybe next month we'll see it. That would be a great Christmas present.
Love this! I knew their last model was pretty gnarly, not to the point of making me think it would be fun to have, though. But this model has convinced my brain that it would be fun to own....and then my damn thinky thing reminds me of the price.
+Jimbo Rizza I'm fairly sure this is the same camera. One of the beauties of the Lytro is that its software can be updated to add new functionality long after the initial release.
I wish we could share the original Data files! 
+David Gifford Whey can't we? So far as I know every photo ever taken by a Lytro camera can still be uploaded to their site. Is that not the case?
isn't sample photo friend but box paper...
+Paul Plate They have the back of some very heavy hitters so I don't think they are in danger of going under. If you want to share you simply export a normal jpg and share if you don't want to use their sharing site.
+Mike Miller  I'm not complaining, just enthusiastic, and I wish with all the new features we could share individual full data pictures so that we could manipulate them, make copies, and share our work! Say I want to send you a copy of a picture to try out on your computer. Then I have to backup the lytro directory on my computer, with the program fully shut down, and then if I send that library, with all my photos (not just the one I want to send) to you, you can overwrite your library, and look at my picture(s), hopefully after you have backed up your library, so that you can restore your pictures later.. 
+David Gifford I see what you are saying. Yes, it would be nice if stuff like that were easier.

Hmm, the viewer on the web site used to support a full screen mode and it doesn't seem to now. That is odd.
+Paul Plate It has an 8x optical zoom. 

I've always viewed this camera as a bit of a technology preview. They are doing good things with the software and I'm hoping they'll have a next generation product out next year that addresses some of the shortcomings over the current version. It's still very much worth purchasing if you want to start getting your head wrapped around the possibilities their technology brings.
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