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Be honest, are you looking forward to the PS4 or not?
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Yea but also the new xbox
Not now since there doesn't seem to be any alliance with Google.
No, actually. Especially since it's unclear exactly what we're looking forward to still.
Mark R
Ill test 1 if sent to me.
I was hoping for greater integration with video services. And the social integration would be a lot better if it could post to G+
Very much so, but I'm going to also wait to see what MS bring to the table
If all of these rumors about locking down used games are true, I'm sticking with the current more consoles for me!
PC gaming is always superior to console gaming. With that said, I prefer consoles. :)
Get Google TV with it and we have a deal
or a Chrome browser at least?
Doesn't seem nearly as bad as I expected. As long as the console is slim enough to fit in the tech crevice of my TV stand, I may consider it.
Well I've been saving up since the PS was announced...maybe I'll have enough this year...
Still unsure what I am looking forward to. Heard to many stories about the hardware it is coming with. If it does not have a way better processor than what the PS3 came with what is the point. I figured that we would be looking at a processor speed upwards of 2 GHz. Well still waiting before I make a decision.
Absolutely, my vita will stop collecting dust now

i dont think its bad at all
my ps3 ended up being a blu disc player and i just isnt interested in the games , but the ps4 seems promising , especially the dedicated Share button  <3  and the social aspect arou d the console ,~~~~~~such as the ability to stream one’s gameplay or reach through Internetspace and take control of a friend’s game. 
Uh hell this point system just needs a few tweaks it....i like how they did display the console leaves alot to show for E3 this year....and more game to display....Sony really stepped its gonna come down to prices.....
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