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The first gadget I ever owned was a ___________.
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A Sinclair ZX81.
Not sure that qualifies as an actual 'gadget' though.
Gameboy Color. The translucent purple one that let you see the hardware inside.
I think... a Nintendo game & watch, when I was about 6 (1983)
I cannot remember which came first. I had both a Commodore 64 and a 1979 Atari :)   oh yea... my folks bought a calculator ( 2 inches wide and 8 inces long ) for $600 in 1974... Does that count? 
A cassette Walkman that my father sent to me when he was stationed in Korea.  It had two headphone ports and I loved listening to Abracadabra on it.
Portable Philips DCC-player.
Yeeah i know.. It was not good, but i was reluctant leaving my compact cassettes to waste, but eventually....
O man! hundreds of euro's. all in the bin.
A President Valery, I'm guessing no one will know what this is :P
Dave C
A Sharp or Casio, flip-open PDA thing. Mid-90s. Still have it, need to put a new battery in it and see if it still works.
A pager!....remember those?
HP-41 CV

Still have it, it works perfectly and it is 27 years old.
A spoon. Dinner was a messy business before that.
ATARI!!!......Wow how far we've come
Seiko digital watch. It was a big deal back then...
Becca M
A Clueless Hands-free phone by Tiger Electronics.  If only Apple made a counterpart...
After my first day in school I got a swiss army knife ... later on the first electronic gadget reached my pocket, a TI-59, it still exists, it's still operable. 
pong console (cannot recall the make, I was 3 or 4 when I played with it).
TI-57, my first experience with programming.  I will grant you, it only had 50 program steps and 8 memory registers.
aiwa Walkman. I don't know own what happened to this company? 
The voice recorder from the Home Alone movies, worked just like in the movie
First that our family had was the NES
but the first that was actually mine was a GBA SP.
now its been replaced by a laptop :P
handheld game that only played sonic
Mine was a yellow Gameboy colour, had some great times playing pokemon!
My head hurts going this far back, but it had to be one of those early hand-held video games.  Even the Gemeboy made this look ancient; all you were able to do was play football, no game cartridges.
One of those old football games with the tiny red lights. Then Atari 2600 was soon to follow.
Sega Master System, it was awesome. Never was able to afford a Sega Genesis and going to Nintendo back then was blasphemy. Gameboy was the exception though
Walkman. The squared black thingy that can be clipped to the pants Haha I have to carry a lot of favorite cassette tapes and my big old school headphones as far as I am remember lol
I have a sega too that was bought in hk when my dad went there for a vacation lol
Nintendo 64! And Tiggers Honey Hunt from Winnie the Pooh. I later diversified into other games like 1080 snowboarding and James Bond. My childhood was complete!
I had a 2 xl. Not really a gadget but for an 9 year old it was pretty cool.
TRS-80 Pocket Computer.
Atari portfolio, got zx spectrum before that, but wouldn't count that as a gadget. Still got both of them :)
A transistor radio. AM only, naturally :-) 
PolyStation :D (a pirate device only avalaible in my country, like as PlayStation and SNES combined) :D
PC ... Parents never allowed for video game consoles, as they believed it was bad for eyes
An original Optimus Prime transformer. 1984.
commodore 64, it was my 1st platform to do programming, Good Days :) ;)
calculator wristwatch got in trouble for having it in primary school in my maths class, now kids are allowed calculators lol
Nintendo Game & Watch..that crazy octopus :)
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