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Hands on with HTC’s would-be savior, the HTC One -
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I don't like how the design and removal of one button seems to be reverting back to the iPhone style.  I don't have all the specs but aside from finally pushing the camera back into the phone, there doesn't seem to be much improvement from the One X.
Speakers on the front. Finally someone put some thought into sound design. Thanks HTC!
+Alex Ander I think you are wrong. Display is even better than One X. I like how it looks in black but its subjective. But I agree the change in buttons is something I dont like either. Other than that, whole design feels ergonomic. UI is fresh, looks light and minimalistic, interactive and intutive too, unlike previous iterations of Sense. Camera again is top quality. Blown away by sample pictures at GSMArena. Audio quality hopefully will be better owing to two speakers. Processor is Snapdragon 600. Am not a fan of tegra 4. RAM could have been 3 GB. But if they are putting a cap on maximum number of apps running at one time as they did in One X, it wont be a problem. Battery on DNA has proven to fare good performance.
I love HTC, I'm really pulling for them (and the market could use more competitors) 
Wow, what a sensationalist title.  "Would be savior"?  It's not like HTC is Blackberry(RIM).

TechCrunch, you can do better.
Now that the device has officially been announced, lets hope HTC properly markets the device.

I know the EVO 4G LTE commercials were great, but once the One Series rolled out the commercial were "blah" at best and hard to find.  Not to mention very little carrier support.

I hope HTC learned a lesson and has a competitive worldwide strategic marketing campaign.
Sorry HTC, after the horrific support for the Thunderbolt there's no way I'd buy another one of your phones.
Ethan S
Thank God they didn't make this phone even larger like what Samsung did...
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