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Michigan becomes the latest state to protect citizens from employers and schools snooping on private social feeds -
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A proud day for me to be a resident. Thank you, Sir.
Resident here too and that's pretty cool. That's your own personal life and I don't think it's anyone's business. 
Does anybody have a job in Michigan? 
I live in Michigan and have a job. This has come up a few times with people I know. Things is it is one of 2 bills he has signed with this Republican controlled state government that basically tries to make it like they give one ioda about the citizens as they pass bill after bill otherwise that voids things we just voted on 2 months ago and said no. 
i live in busan city, south korea and i read your text well, have good time.
They probably give an iota about citizens. But it sounds like it may be the other citizens. 
More states should follow Michigan on this. IMO $1,000 seems a bit light as a penalty 
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