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"Interactive Washroom Tech" is fancy talk for videos games while you pee. 
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My friend had a similar idea 8-9 years ago.

Though he also had moving urinals involved.
And they wonder why people have such a low opinion of marketing...
That is a neat idea.  What about the stall?  Seems like that would be ideall.  Although, I probably will still use my own mobile device.
"Interactive"? so are there pee games where you control the display by where you pee in the urinal? If so AWESOME! Or do you actually touch the damn thing while you are peeing? If so, GROSS! 
Yuck!!! Who will be cleaning that?! That is just gross!!!
They just pop comercials. Wow innovation.  Would you want to touch that screen?
How long does it take you guys to pee?!
wow, that's so cool, so incredible and innovative. $700K funding for something so amazing is nothing. Not that they could give these money to a sick child who need life-saving surgery or give it to some orphans in need. But hey, from the other hand we can now play and pee, who cares about people in need. Just pee on them ^_^
Eww.  How long before some drunk decides to do some target practice with those screens?  No thank you.
I do not spend enough time at a urinal to make this worth it in my eyes. Ever been to a football game at halftime? Do you really want this to catch on and make the lines take even more time. 
Leo T
Apparently there are enough dummies out there (or one big one) to shell out $700K.
this sounds highly unsanitary lol
haha excellent, makes a comfort break a little more interesting!
If i know anything its that men's bathrooms are filthy dirty. I am NOT jealous of the attendant who will have to clean the inevitable pee-drenched screens 
I would not be touching a screen in the bathroom!!
I do remember seeing these at the ESPN Zone in Times Square several years ago.  Yep they were nasty then too.
Not the throne room . Is nothing sacred 2 technology?
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