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You must create an account to figure out how it works. The numbers do not account for active users. I have and account but only receive emails from Microsoft. Not sure if I will use it unless I really need to. I have been using Google for so long a change is not warranted.
I like the overall minimalistic look of the interface. The cluttered interface of Gmail made me cancel my account a while back. 
Bri na
Already had it during the "trial"
Love new outlook interface. Only use gmail for spam 
+Kev Henne And that's different from every other company in the world in what way, exactly?
"New users" isn't the same as forced migration from other services. 
My hotmail got converted to outlook. Am I a new user? I might use this more though as I like the clean interface but would they give us the magic tricks we are already used to on gmail? Undo send, sms from gmail, attachment reminder to mention a few.
I tested it, but I prefer Google Mail at my domain. Interface is ugly
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