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Poor Blackberry... There was a time not too long ago before the days of I Phone and Android where they ruled the world.
Yep, then they got arrogant and silly. How quickly it all slipped away. 
+James Karaganis Wouldn't be too sure of that. Similiar allegation against Samsung over the Summer - turned out the guy dropped it in water and tried using a microwave to dry it out.
+Thomas McGuire Well ... I didn't say it would be a successful lawsuit, but dollars-to-doughnuts he's been getting a few phone calls from interested attorneys. Or should I say, solicitors.
Unable to locate the device or charger?? I call bluff and this is clearly about money.
Thats a lie. Nobody owns a blackberry anymore. Thats like saying my Atari messed up my HDTV!!!
I 23
Blame the blackberry...
it's a problem with the li-ion battery
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