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Ashton spent two days in the hospital after trying to stick to Steve Jobs’ fruitarian diet, which consists of eating fruits, nuts and seeds.
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Wow thats badfor the Environment! Plants create Air animals 20% air pollution 
I think that diet was Steve Jobs idea of either a practical joke or a Stupidity Test.

Way to go, Ashton. Well done.
+Scott Jordan Yeah I understand I was just adding context for others down the road who would be wondering why he did this in the first place since +TechCrunch provided no real details on it in their half-assed article.
The word "diet" does not necessarily mean "for the intention of losing weight". It just means "that which you eat". So the TC headline is accurate.
because kutcher is a pussy that's why.
I think people are narrowing the word "diet" too much.  The word is not just used in association with losing weight.  Anyway, it shows Kutcher's lack of common sense going into such a diet without consulting with his doctor -- and if he did, then he needs to be looking for another doctor  :)
No wonder Steve was unwell himself
I think it is awesome that he is going all out to try and really get into the role
Aren't there more important stories to be covering? Stories about more important people, doing more important things?
Sounds like a publicity stunt to me.
It is obviously a paid article for the movie. They are trying to reach another demographic but they did mess up the targeting, the whole thing screams that it was written for a tabloid. Lazy, lazy job, it's a pity.
Sounds like his mind and body weren't ready for such a radical leap of faith, belief. It takes a lot of mental and physical acceptances to move onto a fruitarian diet. At least that's what a life long Buddhist might say. Namasta!
"There us no virtue in saying 'no' to the things that are easy to say 'no' to" -- best quote of Steve Jobs, relayed by Kutcher
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