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After taking over the very populated countries Luxembourg and Ireland Spotify now rules the world. I will not share an article with such a speculative boulevardish newspaper headline.
I subscribe to mog. I just didn't like the spotify app to be honest!
Love spotify app still no landscape mode an my android device.
$9.99/mo for spotify is worth every penny.  Love it.
This software is complete crap.  Installed a my computer and what a bad idea that was, plus...  $10/mo?  I don't think so.  I'll continue using my #Pandoraradio  One account for 30/yr.  
I enjoy my Spotify. But I am a little disappointed that the app is still at 0.5.9. I wouldn't mind if it didn't feel like a less than 1.0 app but it really does.
+Arturo Coronado What part of it doesn't feel complete (for a mobile app)? I think the desktop and mobile app have their places (and syncing is awesome). The only thing I'd like to see in the mobile app is some of the sub apps, like Soundrop, but that's not a huge deal to me.
I would like to be able to remove a song from a playlist while it is playing on the mobile app. Or at least some sorting/ searching features on the playlists, like on the desktop app.
nah, if it had come out in Ireland before xbox music did a month ago i probably would have started using it, but from what ive been reading, in the long run xbox music suits me better.
maybe in the future spotify might add a web app or a cloud locker type thing where you can add your own songs, then it might be a tough decision. 

although spotify seems to have a lot of integration with other services which is a plus. it will be another year or so before we know if xbox music will have the same sort of integration as well
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