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SONY!!! CALL UR LAWYER!!! Millions $$ coming)))
If it connects to my Apple devices via Bluetooth it's for no use while running / biking since i'd like to leave my Apple device at home!
I'm not a fashion person by any stretch....but it looks a little tacky.
Depends on the features. They will need to have some top end fitness features and GPS capabilities. Music is a no brainer.
Ru Ramjee
Sheeple will buy 2 each.
ha you know the Apple fanatics will buy any/every apple product
They already made one... It was the previous Ipod mini. 
probably not. But in 97 I said I wouldn't own a cell phone.
Yeah. No. Pretty sure my phone already has all the functionality - plus some - built into it. 
Apple boldly innovates in the sector established a year ago by Motorola and Sony (bluetooth connected watches).   I hope Apple is generating lots of patents to vanquish the companies that actually invented the concept and pioneered the first products.
I wish there were a better tech than Bluetooth (even 4.0) for this one.  But NFC lacks the range...ah well, backed +Pebble for my Android phone, so hey.
Dick Tracey had one a long time ago. 
People will act like Apple invented the smart watch, but I don't care. Apple entering the field will legitimize it and spur many more tech companies / watch makers to create their own.
Does anybody wear a watch any more? I don't, and something like this wouldn't get me to change back.
Rob A
And why do I need a watch?
This kind of makes sense.  Lots of manufacturers are doing it and they appear to be selling.  Apple already has tiny touch-screen devices (iPod nano 6th generation) which would be small enough to be wrist mounted.  Chuck a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth chipset in there for communication with your iPhone or iPad and you're done!

I wouldn't by one because I'm not a fan of Apple products, but I can think of plenty of people who would!
If it tied into the phone, possibly.
Again, apple is late to the game but fans will act like they did it first.
+Robert Gerhart Lots of people still wear watches. However, I've only seen one person wearing a smartwatch other than the employees at the Sony store.
Nope, waiting on the Pebble smartwatch. It's supposed to use e-ink so the battery lasts a week+. Also interested to see what happens with Google Glass.
Wait, this can only connect to Apple devices? I should have expected that. Well, I wouldn't have bought one anyways. I'm hoping for a Sony SmartWatch 2, or a Samsung or LG or HTC SmartWatch, or, better yet, a NexusWatch.
No more than I would buy any other Apple product...
Phil K
Looks like the ipod touch mini mp3 player. 
Bad enough we stare at our phones all a watch to stare at? Give us more distractions from real life lol.
Would I get one? It depends what it does. Probably not. I wear a watch to tell the time and date. But then again, years ago people bought phones to just make phone calls.. 
A smart watch (and watches in general) have 2 things phones to not. They have fashion (Though current smart watches are not the best looking) and glanceability. If I want to check the time with my phone I have to pull out my phone from my pocket and turn it on. If I want to see what text I just received I have to unlock it as well. With a watch all you have to do is look at your wrist.
Allow me to clarify and agree somewhat with +Dave Ranucci :  people ditched their watches when they started carrying cell phones.  Now that line has been crossed, its doubtful people will go back even if you could pack all the computing power into a watch-sized device; just look at how phone screen sizes are growing not shrinking (remember fat-fingering the buttons on a Casio DataBank?).  Humans need a screen big enough to see and a UI large enough to touch.  Google Glass seems to have the potential to provide the next plausible form factor that could change things again, perhaps eventually making carrying a phone as redundant as wearing a watch.
Overpriced hipster gadgetry. Screw apple.
another one of those crazy apple rumors... 
Bet you that when Apple markets this everyone in the US will start wearing watches again. LOL.
A watch means one handed operation, so not for me. 
Reminds me of the calculator watch of the 70's.
I buy my own shit . That's not the point you see ppl always hatin FUCK APPLE AND FUCK ANDROID. Quit bein some close minded fools and hope that instead of competing they should advance in technology together ..
+Stanley Nakis can you flag something that doesn't make sense?  How does Google decide if he's being abusive or just a bit thick?

Whoops, I forgot, we shouldn't feed the trolls...
Because I get all of my reliable technology news from Tech.163
This is useless. 
Prepare for another Samsung patent fight. The next big thing, Samsung galaxy watch!!! 
really how many watchs do you need, another fashion statement.
The watch could be cool if it "replaced" the phone. Maybe it could work with glasses for display.  I have no interest in a watch that's an "extension" of a smart phone.    
If a Rock has a apple logo on it.
Apple fanatics will buy and dish out hundreds for it. 
I'll buy 4 of them, one for each member of the family
I won't buy it, but won't reject either if it were a gift for me :D
Moto already has a sports gadget watch, that records your daily workouts and sleep. Just like a few others. 
This would murder if they were to bundle it with decent bluetooth in-ear ear phones that don't fall out when running. I'm a little bummed that Apple would try to lock down the tech involved in creating something like this but IDGAF as long as I have a better option than strapping an ipod onto my arm when I'm working out.
They already made that. It's called "the sixth generation iPod Nano with a watch strap."
I'm just crazy like that, but I prefer being able to get the time with a twist of the wrist instead of having to fish my phone out of my pocket and wake it up every time.
This is probably a bad idea - sales of wrist watches have been steadily declining since the advent of the cell phone - why wear a redundant timepiece when you have a clock on your phone? There is an entire generation of people who don't wear them - how many people under the age of 35 do you see wearing watches?
Hmmm, this resembles the MOTOACTV.  Perhaps Crapple should respect Motorola/Google's patents!
I don't think that I would have one.   What would It actually DO that my phone doesn't?   ....and having a watch on your wrist at work is just BEGGING for it to be smacked continuously....
Jesse H
What's next ?
This must be a windup!
(Where's my coat you say?)
By the end of 2013 there will be a flexible smart phone that can wrap around your wrist.  No need for a separate watch.  
Apple iWater, bottled water from Apple, $800 dollars for a 6oz bottle.
Sony already has this. Whether it is design or concept, Apple seem to be fascinated with Sony products and they try to recreate them
+Vijay Govind The problem with Sony is that they have poor software engineers. They can do the hardware, but the software problem is causing them to lose market share on their products!
This looks pretty much like the MOTO Activ .. Honestly, I would lean toward an Android product that I can run all of my Android apps on, but beyond that, yes, I would buy a product like this.
But where will they put the big shiny logo? Nobody will know how awesome and kool the owner is(!)
I would have a couple of years ago, but not now. Usability on Apple devices is obviously headed downhill. 
To the people commenting on the photo, it is just someone's mock up. It is not a real product. If Apple had released a brand new product you would see it on the front page of everything, not just on a TC article.
Of course they are. They need something new fast. It will be only $499
I would buy a smartwatch if it worked with Android and didn't look weird.  Now how do I unsubscribe to updates from this post?  :)
+Austen Mayor I wouldn't say it's going downhill as much as it is at a standstill for the last couple years.
I am searching for this watch a long time, but still I don't know whether it is real or rumour. 
Bloody hell!? Another bloody thing? Once they make a new one, the olde one gets kicked to thy kerb
Alas! One new thing for my Birthday when I shall turn 13
Yes. Thy bloody thing looketh awesome!
Proper Olde english
Not an apple fan, but is it just me or are all apple ideas pants since the passing of Steve Jobs??? 
they kick the olde one to the kerb
wow!! it's so cool!!!!....i want to have that someday..;))
+Soumak Dutta don't be a dick. the article doesn't say it will be a phone watch, but a smart watch. and if you think Apple doesn't innovate you don't know squat.
Why would you need a watch that connects to your phone? Talk about battery kill not to mention, why would you need a watch that connects to your phone?
Now people. Do not be daft. Thy bloody thing looketh cool I aggree
Ummm...wasn't that the idea behind there nano and watch strap thing? They're recycling ideas now, lol! 
Um, if you get NBA TV on that thing, I'm in for two.  One on each wrist.
.. watchphone made by samsung in 1998 ?? that was only a rumor before.. but its not real ..

just like ipod nano and shuffle..
apple can make better than that .. its not impossible.. 
yes it was the whole idea behind the bloody thing
it is not my favourite thing
Not from Apple no. I won't pay for any of their garbage.
Hope they do enough testing before releasing it. Their stock cant handle another early release that goes wrong 
Hell no apple!!!!!! Don't do it!!!!!
"if you think Apple doesn't innovate you don't know squat."

Name something that Apple innovated. Apple is in the business of taking other people's ideas and refining them into things people want to use. They didn't have the first personal computer, mp3 player, smartphone, or tablet, but they had the first that the general market was interested in.
Apple: Overpriced garbage for overpaid idiots.
This could be neat! We'd definitely like to see the insides of it first, though. If that image is an accurate depiction of what it might look like, it looks pretty cool style wise. We'll see! :)
can't apple do without connecting one thing to the other. their restrictions are just too much and their products always have boring UI,, i don't think this will be an exception.
Something small, but non-phone related would be interesting to see for a change.   Et tu, Google?
Shut up and take my money!!! :D Now THIS I would definitely buy.
mmmmmm seems cool to get away from all the phones and mp's 
Can I ask why? Interested to know. I love my Mac both at work and home. My iPhone is fantastic as well. I'm not one of those people who que every hardware release though.
I wouldn't buy, but I know people who would by iToiletpaper if it ever got made
Probably... If its up to par with the other military spec offerings currently on the market 
Awesome!!! I guess if someone had to get this party started it had to be them after all!
No. If u want something apple on your wrist u can wear a nano that way. If this rumour is actually true apple's strategy needs an overhaul.
+Clark Graham if dat was d case u ain't gonna be needing a watch not even a wall clock cos ur phone is gat one
It will be revolutionary-awesome-amazing-anysuperlativesyoucanthinkof kind of a watch. Sold!!!
Would I? NOT ON  BET.
I won't have a cellphone, much less a "smart" phone. I don't want a "tablet" or "pad." Why would I want this?
not one Dick Tracy Joke...?   the internet has no memory.
How much it will cost is rather buy a Rolex
need one of those in im only 11 so neAT wee u get themfrom hit me back
Kain Mx
they can make even an apple alarm clock and "they" would still buy it...
I think they are simply looking at the new version of the Nano. Probably has a watch mode now.
It is available by the name "iWatch", it is provided by an Italian company.
Its price start from 200 euro to 300 euro......
Maybe it will be the wireless charger to your extra battery at the back of your hands...
Might be good for group fitness instructors that need to use it as s remote control to play their iPhones/ipods from across the room . Other than that and having GPS data capabilities I don't see the point. 
Isn't the last gen iPod Nano basically their "smart watch"? I think a cool feature would be if you had an iPad/iPhone to choose a song to play, and then it'll stream it to it over Air Play like how it is with Mac. Or even just an add on to the iPhone. Knowing apple, it'll sell, no matter what price tag they put it as haha
If this had the ability to make phone calls you could get away with driving and talking in the phone without getting a ticket. Pretty slick. 
can't wait for a major power grid failure and all this tech shit,including this laptop i'm using now goes right out the window.............
I bet this makes it into the next James bond movie. 
Now how fucking dumb is this? Don't you have to have your shit assed iPhone with you to use it? Apple is just fucking their stupid customers out of money left and right. Fuck it. If people are dumb enough to fall for it, let them. May as well just buy two phones and carry both of them. Come on now.
For what? I have time on my cell.
Say good bye to Andoid. Hello Apple 5
Product seems redundant to me. I don't get why you'd want this. 
i like android. :(
Only if i can talk too my car with it. Kit pick me up .
Gay idea , buy a rolex . 
Now apple fans will sware apple invented smart watches. Smh!
Stretched ipod mini... No thanks. ..
I have the the Sony SmartWatch and I think it fantastic. 
It will come without a watch band which you have to buy exclusively from Apple for $39.99. The apple worshippers will buy millions of them.
If there was an android app that went along with it, sure.
Far too bulky for me but it could become a fasion item. Stuart allen
Does anyone even wear a watch anymore?? And even so, what would be the point of the warch??? Having it make a tone during a meeting instead of the phone in your pocket?? I am sorry, I just don't see the market. Bluetooth is about 100' (33m) max range, so it's not like you can leave your phone behind. Also screen size would be too small to really enjoy, (anyone else remember tv watches??) I guess you could load siri onto it and pretend you're michael knight talking to a female kitt, but it's not a stand alone I just don't get the point.
isheeps will line up to buy this even it's $1000.
And there it goes... They will soon sue Sony for "copying" them! Apple is starting to be pathetic.
Awesome because no one else has done this!! New ideas, innovations, about time. :X
Yep. Apple invented the wrist watch!!! LMAO
Who wares a watches anymore.  Smart phones all have clocks so watches seem redundant. 
this already exists, was a kickstart project last year i think.
and they invented the smart phone too!
No, will not support a patent troll. And other products like this did exist for a long time, yet apple will claim to have invented it, and sue everybody else.
No but I'm sure plenty of isheep would. 
No. I would just wait until samsung copies them and makes it better cheaper. 
Not if it looks like that.
No. I don't need a 4th screen to demand my attention and be a mouthpiece for the rich and powerful
No. They'll probably try to patent "time" too.
I got one like this at the State Fair a few years back.
I already have one. iPod nano + watch strap = Apple watch.
Link Lo
No, it looks uglier than the Sony one.
Sheeple will buy this and say, hey look, this smart watch displays time too.
Nike fuelband concept imitation? 
Go on Sony, sue the shit out of them
It will be fine with the "fancy" boys , it will look the same as a iPod nano on a strap and they will charge you 300 bucks and still ppl are gonna que for it . its a crazy world ...
Nope. They'll Charge $600 For It, While Having Features That Other Watches Had Years Ago. 
Oh great, not another iOS device attached to your person. Besides a Bluetooth watch is nothing new. There are already alternatives. Once again, Apple is slow in the tech department.
Rich K
If they build it, they will come...
I would never buy anything from Apple it is expensive junk.
Rich K
Expensive junk that keeps 'em coming
Sam Bao
I keep my place free of Apple products,so no.
Leave it to Apple to invent the next big thing! Gotta Have one !!!
If it's like the rest of their over priced stuff, doubt it. If it's cheap and is actually a watch, maybe. 
they are not building a watch - they are using their patented technology (patent will be filed after it is released and copied by someone else)
Looks very cool... I would get one...
V. T.
It's about time to watch your iTunes movies on your watch.
why cant you just get a normal watch
Wait, apple creating something that already exists? Nooooooo. LOL

Bet they patent it. 
V. T.
+Chris Jackson Well Apple created the iPod music player even though many music players already existed.
I would but an android Bluetooth smartwatch with Wii fi...
Why when other companies already make them...... inotbuying 
It's funny how jealous Android users are. Apple is superior. 
Now THIS IS innovating!!  Let's go Apple!  I'm not a fanboy by all means, I just want competition!  
+Art Juarez Superior? To what? Maybe Microsoft, but that's not much of an accomplishment.
yes, apple products are superior to prior apple products of the same class. and that's not even a given.
No. Not with apple pulling their pissing match in the courts.
+Cameron Hernandez I haven't bought or owned a watch since my first cell phone, so no, I will not be buying one specialy with Apple behind it. Fixed*
I'd never buy anything from them! Guess neither a super expensive watch
No, I want my Google glasses 
+Soumak Dutta , you're correct. It's not new, but like to see apple creating a new product rather than creating patent lawsuits. 
Apple are seriously hurting....

SGS3 is the biggest selling phone on the planet whilst Android has a 70/15 split global market share compared to apple.

Heck, even apple had to release a crappy iPad mini with a high price and crappy screen just to try and get under peoples Christmas trees.

They also released their fantastic failure of maps...

All whilst releasing an iPhone that just looks stupidily long, with a screen size they insulted android phones for TWO YEARS AGO

Apple - where is the innovation?

.... You don't have any.

Siri - bought
ITunes - bought
Device components - bought

They don't even manufacture any of their devices....

What exactly so apple actually do?

Other than stick an apple on it, overcharge everyone and spend billions on marketing?
Theres a rumour about..........I forget
gimme. GIIMMMMMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
Well, what does it do? I won't buy it because it's apple, but I won't dismiss it because it's from apple.
Waiting for the 2nd Gen that will come 6 months after the first one
I plan to start camping. Who's with me?
been there done that: watchphone was created back in 1999 by samsung. there is already an android one out by sony. nothing new here. Apple is late to the game yet again and apple fanboys will claim they created it so they should patent it. 
here is the link to BUY the sony watch:
here is the link to unboxing of a LG 3G watch-phone: LG 3G Watch Phone Unboxing
and here is an youtube video of the original samsung watchphone: The first watchphone made by samsung in 1998
I already enjoy using my Sony Smart Watch with my Nexus 4, so NO. 
Apple are working on a vibrator too. Syncs with iTunes Genius. For mood apparently.
+Chris Jackson I've never read a more falsified and farcical thing in my life.  Thanks for the laugh.
If u want a smart watch take ya smartphone out ya pocket it tells u the time already now thats the smart thing to do than giving apple more money
No. But then again, I wouldn't buy anything Apple ;)
No doubt apple think their time is more accurate than any other clock.. Maybe by iwatch v9 they will have all the bugs worked out. And it would of only cost the iSheep $5000 on upgrades.
+Ben Davis Or Maybe you see the Nexus 4, which is faster, smoother, better GPU, double ram and an actual HD screen, more OS features and is less than HALF THE PRICE that gets on your nerves..... 
What a fucking joke. SMDH...
Cool but probably not worth the money. Your iPhone/iPod/iPad connects to that watch meaning everything on that watch is on your apple device so no need to buy it. By a smartphone and save your money. 
Tony W
I would not buy Apple anything.
Watches are ever more of a status symbol now, then they were in the past.

"Sure I have a device with the time on in, but, I also have this accessory fully dedicated to the keeping of time." 
IPhone Bluetooth connectivity is total crap. A Bluetooth connected Apple watch would be worthless, because it would never work.
Apple is out of innovations time to be an artist and steal.
I would have lasy year but moved on/back to android. Get your stuff together apple. Quit playing catch up/copy cat and innovate already. 
And it only costs $999! Wow, what a deal.
No :-) I'll go as far as saying I wouldn't buy Google Watch either :-)
Didn't they already kinda have that with the iPod nano. The cubed one with the touch screen
Wait, there's a smartwatch market?

I didn't wear a watch before I got a cell phone.  I'm not going to start now for minimal functionality.
I think apple should make a smart tv
Zach G.
If it looks anything like the picture than no. That thing looks like garbage. 
This look freaking retarded. 
Ibs TV
pretty cool...but not really
I bet people cant buy will be jealous...

Ahihihi.. just kidding.
And it's not even April fools day ...
Don't they have one of these for iPods that go on your bicep?  ...what's the point?
Wow what a great watch...its wondering me..
How about Sony smart watch? 
Oh god don't tell me they are going to claim they invented watches now... Great...
Why I need a smart watch? Because I already have a smart phone. 
Migs B
Er no thanks lol
It is possible cause my friend has got one of these and he won it from a gaming competition. Its just a ipod with bluetooth and everything put on a watch piece.

and of course it has the slide to unlock.....
gary f
No. One third of the screen is taken up by 'slide to unlock', how dumb are iFanboys that they need this so late in the game?
The only people who would buy this are the apple fan boys who buy everything apple makes.
It's beyond me why anyone would ever buy anything made by Apple.
Im gona want this...sounds awsome :)
wow very nice ! Pleas give meee ! 
They already have a watch like this old
Great just what we need Apple fan boys walking down the street blaring Justin Bieber out of their wrist watch. -____-
i agree with Bobo. i refuse to buy apple stuff.  i dislike apple so much i dont even buy real apples.
Would love to see a nexus smart watch. Just saying.
Jay A
No! I'm pretty sure that my Daytona is still smarter than this. Plus, Apple CANNOT sue Rolex!
Nah, I'm gonna hold out for the Apple Dick Watch....and Bam!, Apple just filed another patent...
Well have a hamburger or something.
Just a rumor now but if true Apple would be once again stealing another design originated in the Asian tech Market! Hmm.... would they then sue for patents on watches? 
No. Theres one with android on it. 
Like of annual price shows.
We -would need to preview.
I would never buy anything "Apple"
Why? When I can have what I want with Android?
Wow, what incrediable innivation this is mind blowng i cant believe no one else has ever thought of this!!!, Apple has a another winner in its arsonal of been there done that, copied and then lie and say they did it first
Im gona want this...sounds awsome :)
Patent application: Any wearable electronic device shaped as a square or rectangle with rounded corners (of course) held in place with a strap or band.

I am sure the US patent office will grant it.
There are multiple android smart watches out already, but as soon as apple builds one, whenever that may be, all the android smart watches will be infringing. So no apple, suck it.
And suddenly, watchmakers the world over, as well as Switzerland, Hired attorneys simultaneously, too prepare for the impending patent. On Time.
Absolutely not! But I'd buy a Google one!!
cant blame apple, i love my motoactv watch pairs to my phone, computer, headphones, and bicycle equipment. Im not an apple person but im interested to see their version of the watch.
Sony and other companies have tried this already and the problem is the bluetooth connection wastes the battery to quickly for it to be any use
Nope, as I believe it will be overpriced and I'm happy with my watch. It's just a thing to bypass the time till Google Glass comes out.
Jason G
Hell no. Apple will always be trying to play catch up lol
Think this post is about 10 years to late # Google glass (now)and apples iglass patented render picture

Watches on smart phones smart phones on watches what's next.
My wife got me the Sony SmartWatch for Christmas. Love it!!
Why not just look at your phone?
Omg!! i want one but i cant get 1 because i bet it cost 2 much
Pathetic is what they have become without the visionary Steve Jobs . Iphone 5 what a disaster to the definition of innovation
Android watches are everywhere but only 2 of them were any good
No I don't wear watches! But if you put it in 11 inch/ 1 inch frisbee or disc shaped with back shoulder blade harness, I might be convinced to wear it. Users!!!
Do you remember the previous generation square iPod Nano?  People start turning those into wristwatches like crazy, I guess they gave an idea to someone in Silicon Valley
GIMEEEE ONE PLSSS..but i'm a real android user..i do not have an iphone yet..huhu :(
Never! Watches are useless anyway. 
I can't even find a need for a tablet, let alone a smart watch.
Not sure the last time I wore a watch. But apple fans will buy this, not knowing why.
Lame.  Copying Android again
I think I'll pass. I will wait for the iVacuumCleaner. 
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