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Look, everyone! RIM is still alive!
RIM has announced today that it will be holding a launch event for BlackBerry 10 on January 30, 2013. This will take place simultaneously at multiple locations around the world, and will include the u...
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We shall see how well it sells 6 months out.
Will this be a Microsoft type launch where nobody can touch the device and at the actual release is months away? 
We will have to wait a little longer to see it then. I was expecting something more like January 5th 
This will be a booming trend... In Indonesia. Duh.
Leave it to RIM to launch a new product after the end of the world. :-P
Indonesian not bought BB because new feature or new device, but because of BBM so what RIM will launch. I think not make trend in Indonesia
They have been applying the Lancelot assault on the Castle of the Swamp strategy that they just might surprise us....not.
May the berries be with you BlackBerry. You will need them.
If Blackberry 10 fails,RIM is toast. They are holding on by their finger nails.
Isn't it one of the last marketing events before the final countdown ? It remembers me Nokia having missed the smartphone train. 
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