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Google is getting ready for the next generation of mapping.
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I want to deal Akherizh Net through gpc What should I do
The phone is SAMSUNG Jlexa 2
Congratulations! Didn't know there was a fellow Swiss heading the Google maps effort.
I wish to know all new
Thank you for our service
Please please please  Google ... let me define my own layers with all the same functionality as Google defined layers without being confined to kml or geojson.  Also, please Google, let me use alternative base tiles.  After all, the other guys do.  Come to think of it, only Google alone fails (yeah, "fails") to provide real layer functionality.
L am
+G McLeod you sound like you dont like it, good for you that youve found other maps. Back to your apple map.
I want an Australia and japan map layer over India layers, and a custom Pokemon map layer over my city. How to do it?
I like google maps very much!
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