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How much time before this headline reads - End of an era - all Skype users transition to Hangouts?

Just sayin' ;)
I haven't used MSN Messenger or whatever it is called in a good 5 years. I am surprised it took Microsoft this long to try and integrate it into Skype.
It's about time. I have been dealing with the annoyance of people refusing to upgrade their IM client for years. Now that they are forced to change I think the Gtalk client is going to be far easier to transition into than Skype, if for no other reason than its simplicity. So yay for us Gmail users.
Skype is owned by Microsoft, so its good Microsoft has taken this step.... Good bye msn/Windows live messenger...!!
Who the heck still uses Windows Live Messenger anymore?  
I haven't used any style of messenger in a long damn time.  It is easier to get their number and text them if needed.  
I'm using google messenger right now, but I've never used the Skype messenger or the windows live
I use G+ and that's about it.  i can text from my phone but rarely do, I hate text messaging.
Nostalgic moment of all the hours wasted on MSN/Windows Live Messenger. Good times.
Is anyone still using MSN/Live messenger? Google Talk FTW!
MSN was fun using those actions that you can send to knocking on their screen! I forget what they called them! Oh well on to better things! GTalk all the way. 
Hotmail was pretty popular in Latin America and even with FB and GTalk, people still use it a lot. 
so I can use skype for video chat on xbox after paying monthly ranson to MS
Grrrr... Skype won't work with Pidgin, Digsby, etc (ok... sort of will but you have to have it running which defeats the purpose). 
Denys S
Wtf! Skype is bad. Uses too much of my resources since it's p2p network. My internet always slows down whenever skype is on because it uses your Internet for other people to make calls. 
I use Skype 4.0 Linux, and there's no alter login. 
I wonder how this will affect services such as Trillian
i have that feeling we will loose skype & addons ... but at least there is Google Hangouts. 
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