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Samsung to Apple, "We're going to jack up mobile CPU prices by 20% and you're going to like it."
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Or the Chosun Ilbo is reporting out of turn again...the other day they reported that Samsung was cutting Apple off. I still predict this: Google wins and Apple becomes as irrelevant as they were before Steve Jobs returned. This of course means the effective end of Apple since they can't bring him back again (or can they? If they manage that, then anything's possible!)
haha this should offset some of that billion dollars.
So Apple iPad will be more expensive hehehe
It's time for apple to launch it's own manufacturing of the processors. 
Apple will kill the competitor slowly LOL
Apple currently making iphone 5S variant, i guess the price tag will be much higher because of this.. lol.
World to Apple and Samsung... Children.... Children, play nice now.
Apple does not mind, they just stick it to the consumer, and again 1 for Apple and Samsung 0 for the consumer.
Great news, and fair enough :-)
After all, Sansung needs to recover at least 1 Billion Apple stole them recently !
Hope Samsung will also strike back in the courts !
A good quote for Apple: Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
The Samsung termination story was incorrect. See the follow up to that. I also mentioned this in my post above.
Shouldn't change the price of their devices since everyone claims they make enormous profit margins per device...they'll just make a smaller profit margin...can't say I'm too upset about it with all the legal garbage going on.
Samsung has been a huge thorn in Apple's side and I personally love it.
This seems more and more like a free marketing by publicity stunt. Waged by Android and iOS alike. Behind closed doors? At our expense? Likely!
The redundancy of these kinds of posts, and the people commenting is boring. I've basically boycotted all of this child like cultism. iOS may be for hipsters and wanna be hipsters. But Android is surly for kids and introverts. What self respecting adult wants to sport a little green droid for symbolism? Its kinda like flame or Barbie, seat and steering wheel covers. Lame.
Now I like and use rooted Android, have for years. And iOS is streamline and functional for its demographics. But this free marketing war is over, I'm sick of it, there is nothing funny, genius, interesting, or enjoyable to see here folks, move along! ThankX!
+11,002 the comment above!
Sounds more like the cost to cover for few unnecessary lawsuits :)

And what +aLeXandEr Schneider says is true too. This is kind of getting boring. At least one in three news items dealing with either #apple  or #samsung  is to do with their #patentwars  Hope this ends sooner than later
Apple is so overrated. They need to come off their pedestal
Good... Cut into those Apple margins. I'm sure they will "bring more manufacturing back to the states."
That's why I have a Toshiba Thrive! ;-)
Ergo the iPhone is more than 20% overpriced.
Apple will recover the cost from its customers, and therefore Samsung is going lose in long term.
I don't understand how Samsung will be the loser in the long term +Smartin Paul Joseph To me with what Apple is doing to its customers and its competitors will be the loser in the long term. Wall Street has alresdy projected Apple's stock will be down to 427 a share by March.and Apple has to keep playing catch up wit the rest of the industry. To me Apple is the loser in the long term.
+John Verne Apple never fabricates their processors alone. The use a partner and with Samsung having renovated and expanded its foundry in Texas to meet its own and Apple's demand, the price increase makes sense. Also with Samsung no longer a part of the design process they are making up the losses elsewhere. If Apple raids the iPhone/iPad prices then don't purchase one. It never makes sense why people pay into a system they feel us overpriced and unfair.
This will be awesome for AMD when it finally starts churning out chips for Apple instead of Samsung.
+Steven Oliver That would be awesome, if AMD licenses the rights to produce ARM chips and is willing to do so. They seem to want to push their own designs and products more. ALso, considering that Apple had the chance to hire AMD instead of Intel and chose Intel instead, AMD has less of a chance to be picked. Apple put out a statement saying they want to use the same chipset across their entire product line (aligns profit margins to a higher level). AMD would have to admit its chips aren't good enough for Apple and continue to live under the "not as good as Intel" crap they have had to deal with since forever.
+Kendall Cabrera My understanding is they've already got the license to produce ARM chips. They split their company in half a year or so ago so now their is a chip design half and a chip production half. This would be perfect work for the chip production half if their willing.
Halirously this will work out to Apple paying for its own Samsung settlement! 
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