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The truth is that Android is cheap, not good -

What do you think?
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I think this is pretty obvious click bait
I think it's bad journalism. Saying "Android" is very generic. There are cheaper and entry level phones and there are also the Nexus phones with double the tech of the iPhones are leading devices on the market. It's like saying "transport is cheap.". You are comparing everything from buses to first class flights. But again... it's +TechCrunch journalism.
And with this... I'm done following TechCrunch. Seriously... I'm tired of the hit pieces and hack writing. 
Andrew Y
The article is probably the dumbest thing you'll read all day.  Why don't you just pretend the S3 and Nexus lines don't exist and are highly sought after?
Any old phone will be eventually be free on contract. The Apple 3GS and even the 4 can be had for free as well. Free does not equal cheap. It just mean old tech. I guarantee you will not find a GS3, Note 2, DNA or Nexus 4 for free. These are $300 + phones.
bullshit! my n4 f*ckin rules!
I thought this was from The Onion. Wow..pathetic article.
This article is both good, but also misses the mark.
Android when it first launched was good, but not great.
I would say that the iPhone when it launched was better, but not great until the 2nd one.

Android was behind and needed to catch up.  When you are not better, you have to be cheaper.  Now, Android has caught up(some might say passed). With a combination of cheap phones and a very good OS, it is hard to lose.  The SG3 is a good example of an excellent phone, that can even be had at $99 at times.  Apple just can't compete.  

Apple prides itself on its closed ecosystem.  That is both good and bad.  The bad is that they are both a software and hardware company.  In the long run, we see that companies like that tend to fall apart.  See RIM as an example.
1 - You can get an iPhone 4 FREE with contract.
2 - 0.99 price tag is on a refurb unit from ATT, with contract.
I didn't circle TechCrunch for this sort of juvenilia. If you want me to click on a link to one of your stories, you will have to present it with more journalistic integrity than that. How disappointing.
I couldn't disagree more. I love my iPhone, but innovation is limited by what Apple. Android is a collaboration between many different point of views and already now it is a good competitor. Remember that Android is relatively speaking much younger than iOS!
However you look at it, iPhones are relegated to a niche market. The future is for Android, Ubantu, Firefox and their ilk.
look at the s3 it is faster and bigger than an iphone and you can do way more even install custom roms android was not ment to be a thing to look at and say its cheap it was ment to be open source for alll to play with look at ubuntu or any linux they are not cheaply built apple is just closed to the world with a design losing the appeal every day more and more are moving to android apple will die soon
Wow, what kind of misinformed article is this.. Samsung has sold more S3 then Apple sold iPhone in the same quarter.. Android is about choice of device and affordability or high end flagship phones. This is just misinformation.
I have to agree. Here in Canada the iPhone is always 179$ on 3 year contract. Yet the GN2 or GS3 is often free and the often through in a gift card (50-125$). Faced with that choice I can see how many people choose the free option. 
Wow, Biddle really has his tongue up Apple's arse. 
Uncircled....can relax & go back to my work now...
I think this article might have been true in 2008 but this is 2013
I agree with Taylor. Not good to piss off a 75% market share.
I think there's a lot of specious reasoning in there. You can get an iPhone 4 for $.01 and you can spend $300 on an Android device. Best Buy has offered the 16GB iPhone 5 for $149 so "the iPhone is $299 on a good day" is a silly statement.

Sam Biddle also wrote "The US Government Slaps Google Again" after the FTC ruling, an article that was mind-bogglingly dumb in its conclusions. Needless to say he's either intentionally biased or not particularly smart.
"a quick nickel is better than a slow dime"....
This is more complicated than the article implies.  While it is true that Google and its partners have done well to corner the low and medium ends of the market, they have also produced phones which many objective users (e.g., those not unusually invested in Apple products) considered on par or superior to the iPhone (the Samsung Galaxy SIII being the premiere example  but also the range of Motorola Razrs and even my good old Samsung Galaxy Nexus).  Moreover, recent iterations of the iPhone have had serious issues in terms of design and manufacture (for a non-scientific anecdotal evidence, my wife's iPhone 4S has had numerous problems with the volume rocker and poor call quality, and an associate has given up on the iPhone 5 after having 3 replaced due to the battery overheating).  

Apple produced a true innovation with the introduction of the iPhone, and they deserve commendation for this and their focus on design and usability.  However, their products are not flawless, their business plan continues to rely on charging a massive markup, and their insistence on a closed ecosystem prevents innovation and even attempts bizarre forms of social manipulation and anti-competitive practices (see the story today about Apple pulling the 500px app for making it too easy to find nude pictures, or the difficulty getting a program that competes with Apple software into the ecosystem in a non-hobbled fashion).

Now people are free to pay extra for a device to capture social capital, and Apple is free to take advantage of that,  I would argue, however, that relying on being stylish to eek out massive profit margins is not the best long-term business strategy.  Neither is insisting on maintaining a narrow product base, preventing expansion into low and medium end markets.  Or how about a larger screen, like the market is asking for?

Apple is a great company, and good to have around to spur the competition.  However, as we have seen previously, they are also capable of stumbling from the top tier in relatively quick fashion, and when that happens we get Windows ME.
I switch to a Windows phone because the OS managed YouTube videos better. My wife had a Windows phone and I had a Droid (Total Google Fanboy here). I did a side-by-side comparison and it was not even close. As soon as I could I got my Windows phone. Still plays YouTube videos better than my Droid did.
A top of the line Android phone is better than an iPhone from both a hardware and software point of view so I totally disagree with this premise.  The article itself says as much, so it seems like this is a headline without any actual substance, sounds like wishful thinking.  Apple had a nice fad with the iPhone, and they capitalized on it and made a bundle of cash, but unless they can actually start innovating instead of resting on their laurels, the steady downward slide will continue.  That's not to say they couldn't turn it around, but they can't just do it by continuing to offer the same thing and beating the marketing drum.  They could easily reverse the trend by focusing on content, for example why not bundle every iPhone with a license for every song recorded before 1980?  Something like that would give people a reason to pay more for a device which has nothing to offer over a solid Android device from a hardware or software point of view.
Ok, so here's my thoughts... Ugh, just shut the fuck up. TechCrunch is a complete rag. I've now stopped following your posionous and just plain bad writing. Jeez... employ some journalists.
I think that I've had enough of yours Apple a**kissing...
IPhones are ridiculously overpriced, pieces of crap with s*** operating systems. if you want to use a phone with closed the development and that can track your every move then go ahead and buy an iPhone. May I also know that Android has been picked up by the Department of Defense as their official mobile platform, SELINUX! WOOOO. That's besides the point like for example my galaxy note 1 is 800 dollars retail Best Buy without a contract. How can you say that Android cheaper when the Galaxy Note has a price tag like that? I have lost all faith in techcrunch and will be uncircling.
The worst part of this article isn't that it's intentional misleading and out right incorrect in places or that it's wrote by an apple fanboy. I think the worst part is that it's a junk article that was paraphrased and republished by +Tech crunch. Are you really that hard up that you can't write your own crap articles?
This is nothing but a plea for traffic, and I would appreciate it if +techcrunch (and almost every other tech blog) would treat me like an intelligent reader and publish something with substance. Which most of the time the do, however I would rather see 1 article a day with some meat to it vs 10 with crap. Just my thoughts 
Disruptive Innovations are inevitably viewed as "not as good" as the incumbent products when measured against those things that the incumbents value. The strength of a disruptive innovation is in better addressing those market needs not served by alternatives.
I swear The Onion wrote this...
Android is not good?? Who was the dead brain who wrote it??
Why, because it's cheaper than the overpriced ios?? 
What a joke. it's not only cheaper, it's better too.. 
I, like many Android users, was an iPhone user who got bored by a screen full of static icons, small screen and lack of customisation like being stuck with a tappy keyboard instead of Swype. Yes, each has it's pro's and con's, but as things stand, my next high end phone still isn't going to be an iPhone.
ARE YOU AND CNET BUTT BUDDIES? what is it with these bullshit misinformed articles?  i love when you fan boys bring up that "cheap price point" for android phones garbage. my note 2 cost more than all the generations of iphones you have stored in your ass.
+Paul Evans So true. Started with iPhone, wanted something better. Now Android. I absolutely HATE it when people say I chose Android because I couldn't afford an iPhone. Price is just a bonus. 
Too many flakey articles like this one..... I have just stopped following them. 
Not even going to dignify that with a click it so desperately wants. Also, uncircled and moving on.
Disagree.  Sometimes cheap IS good.  In the late 80's a GPS receiver cost over $2000.  Now it's less than $20.  And the question suggests android brings zero unique and valuable features to the table, which just isn't the case.
I highly recommend +Ars Technica  as a much more disciplined alternative for tech commentary.

Tscüss, techcrunch. 
Damn +TechCrunch , ever since your big reorganization the quality of your articles has been making a bee-line for the crapper.  You guys used to be so much better than bait and switch, poorly written articles.  As others have said, you could learn a thing or two from +Ars Technica or +The Verge.  Consider yourselves uncricled.
What the heck is this guy talking about. You have cheap androids and yes they can't compete against the I phone, but the I phone is way far behind the top of the line androids. Even an inexpensive android has way more features than the I phone, and yes the expensive I phone still has to catch up with the cheap androids. 
Looks like someone got into hot water here...
Lets get real techcrunch android I s great yet affordable... 5 hundred, 6 hundred dollars for an iPhone... really? 
Thank you +TechCrunch for finally convincing me to unfollow. Will be unfollowing on Twitter and Google Currents as well.
And ubuntu linux is free but we arent complaining. Its supported by the blood sweat tears and brains of the users ... that isnt cheap... thats freedom
android is going far a head apple with there latest devices and apple is failing hard because of it. 
annnd thanks for the fail of a article and im about to unsub real soon 
Peace TechCrunch. Learn how to research. 
yes, it is cheap and available and t is in it's current shape way better than the alternatives. iOS is simply a thing of the past a scream from yesteryear. Windows 8 is nowhere to be found
Apparently, you've never heard of "root."
Truth be told - Sony, LG and Samsung do not even seem to perceive Apple as competitor these days. Just look at the articles about Xperia Z. Sony are not considering Apple at all they aim solely at Samsung.

Apple is merely third in smart phone sales in USA and is about last in all other places. So really Apple? Are these guys still alive? iPhone 5 sold well for the first uhhh week? and now uhh it does not sell at all it seems.
The truth is that Android TechCrunch is cheap crap journalism, not good
Had iPhone... Hated it from day one. Went to Android... Loved it from day one.
Reasons I don't read Gizmodo...full of bs, untruths, bias, and overall bad reporting by way of personal opinions, which is a big no-no in print media. Reasons I'll no longer read TechCrunch, the same unsavory nonsense. This is a prime example of troll bait, needlessly antagonizing people who don't subscribe to their closed garden, minimalistic hardware, and overpriced goods frame of mind. The vast majority of smartphone users have declared Android superior, and these are the people you target, when making offensive statements, but expect to continue reading your columns.

Good luck surviving like that. Your faux elitist pomp will not serve you well in the future.
People have their own opinions and neither one is wrong. I prefer iOS and iPhone ( I have owned a smartphone running every major platform, 2 Android, 1 bada, 1 WP, BBOS, WebOS and iOS is what i settled on). This article is based solely on numbers and raw stats as was the Gizmodo article which proceeded it. 
There are hundreds of quality Android hardware ... way better than idevices ... go suck Apple
Bullshit. It offers greater variety. If you want to go out and buy a shit Android then slag it off, go for it. Just don't generalise and say all Androids are crap because a few crap phone makers adopt the open source OS. If you buy an Android that is at least Mid-Range, you will find that Android is fantastic.
IDK wtf is the writer talking about. I paid $625 for my galaxy note 2, which is more expensive than the iphone, so his argument about android being cheap is incorrect. As to his argument that android is not good, he obviously has not used this phone to make such argument, since jelly bean android is superior to anything that has ever come out of Apple. He failed to point out that the real difference between android and iphone is that by having different versions of android, and by it being open, any company can produce an android phone, thus giving more price options to customers. However, with lower price, you will get lower specs and lower version of OS. Thats life, you get what you paid for
What do I think? The article is an EPIC FAIL and the author has a brilliant future as an assistant honeywagon operator.
Actually the Gizmodo article this is based on is pretty spot on.
+TechCrunch  This article was written to piss people off. My preference is iPhone but i respect (even if i don't fully get) those who prefer Android handsets. It's your responsibility as journalists not to write articles (especially headlines) like this. For shame. 
What the hell is this shit. Give me something worth reading. 
+Frank Dunn don't you think that is irrational? You switched ecosystems because YouTube videos played better on it, compared to an older phone (you didn't say specifically and don't want to assume)? I can't really understand this rationale, it just seems like a childish reason.

Blatantly biased fanboy trash. Android is a great operating system and iOS could be made significantly better by adopting some of its features.

(I have an iPhone 4GS, Droid 4, and Nexus 7)
Fanboy journalism at its pathetic worst. No wonder techcrunch is struggling. 
Well, guess i won't even click the link and give them a view...
Terrible article... The top selling Android's are Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & S3.... I'm jus saying 
S Shum
Funny how they mention Microsoft as a competitor. Haha
Lol....good old +TechCrunch .....always willing to pull up a 3 year old argument and blame it on another site....if begging for your haters back doesn't work you can always revert to the IPhone handbook. Added you dirtbags to my
The truth is TechCrunch, is cheap , NEVER good
What do you think?
+TechCrunch thus is the biggest piece of bs I have ever read. I'm guessing your apple fanboy writers either wrote this in 2008 and just published it, where living under an apple store for the past few years or had their memories altered to completely forget or ignore the GALAXY or NEXUS. Show me a promo for the Nexus 4 or GS3 that had it priced for free, on the other hand I can show you promos for the one year old 4s for free with free gift.... Uncircled and spreading the word of science fiction in this article
I was reading this what ever it is but nothing real or good to read. Must be one of the sad apple fanatics who wrote it. The true is ANDRIOD is winning because is better, flexible and works well. People already notice and that is why Apple in by the floor because it sucks (stocks are really bad). Exactly you can not compare Andriod OS with IOS. How I said the programs working well if not ask to IMaps (horrible mistake that they can not fix till now), Siri is nothing next to Google Now, the panoramic picture feature was used for an Andriod phone before IPhones(funny they use for their commercials like a great thing) and many things.
Plus keeping the IOS the same makes the IPhone the most boring phone. (I hope Apple is fixing their apps because most of them don't fit the new screen, "very professional Apple"). And many things that apple is loosing and no giving nothing new or good enough to talk about it.
No all the phones are cheap plus i am getting my phones unlocked so I am paying about $700 to $800 for my phones and many like me paying for what we think is worth it and valued so money it is not why people mostly getting Andriod phones.
Many Andriod phones are good quality and the new phones are more powerful and having better features than the IPhone. So money is not the problem just love Android like a lot of people. Because Andriod give me all that IOS can not.
Well anyway Andriod is winning because of Google that really has people working hard and improving in so many ways and good companies putting great phones on the market.
+TechCrunch Page hits running low? You are no longer a credible tech source when you post fake articles like this.
Bought my Galaxy Note 2 for 750 USD unlocked. Not that the price mattered to me. 

If my super duper Galaxy Note 2 is a cheap phone then i would gladly buy a cheap phone. 
Wait, wait, let me get this straight. Sam Biddle writes a shitty, highly misinformed blog post about Android today and in reaction +TechCrunch writes an even shittier article ABOUT the already shit article? This is pathetic. +TechCrunch  should be embarrassed. 
Android isn't cheap...IT'S FREE. Now a portion of the hardware it's on, maybe.
So that is why Apple will make lower quality phones ?
Apple please don't do it, will be a waste of money. When you will get it that people stop liking your phones
TechCrunch you just lost a follower...
It's kinda weird to treat "Android" as coherent category. The Nexus 4 and the sea of Gingerbread devices still out there have next to nothing in common with each other. But the "iOS is more polished even if less popular" school of argument benefits from dragging all devices down to the "cheap" nomenclature. Maybe you should think more about the possibility that "Android" is winning because of innovation on the high end that will gradually change mobile computing, rather than because of the more immediate matter of mass sales if cheap devices. I mean, two of the best selling individual Android handsets (obviously not a huge portion of total Android sales but still) are the S3 and the Optimus G - what is "cheap," economically or conceptually, about either device?
Apple have brainwashed their followers to believe that iphone is not an super overpriced phone when it actually is. As such they think because the android phones are cheaper it means that they are cheap phones.

Truth is Android phones are priced right or priced to be competitive and they are not cheap. Silly iSheep.

It's amazing how stupid the author is.

There are two main reason why Android has been dominating.

1. Choice
2. Functionality/Open nature 

Choice is what people want. Not everyone wants a 3.5 inch screen. Some people want a bigger screen some people want a smaller screen. Some people want removable battery and some people want removable micro SD etc etc. Choice. Android OEM's provides this. Not Apple.

Android's open nature allows users to do more with their phones than Apples restrictive ios. The majority of people like to have control over their devices. Obviously iSheeps like Apple to do the thinking for them and they are a minority.

As for price. The price of the android phone is dependent on the need of the user. Obviously if the user only needs a 3 inch screen they will go with a android with a 3 inch screen that is priced accordingly. 

My point is price is not a major factor as the stupid author suggest. He is looking at it the wrong way. The iSheep way.

The majority of people buy phones on what they need or want in a phone. The android phone they buy is dependent on the their particular need or want and the price will reflect that in the particular android phone that satisfy their needs and wants in a phone. Simple.

I am still amazed that iSheeps still don't get it.

Everyone is different. Android caters for everyone. Apple only caters for the sheeps. 

Lol all these idots hate the truth...Android hardware and software isn't well builded like Apple
This is a good comment section to read if you want to lose faith in humanity. 
What do you expect from techcrunch? I've read a few articles from them thinking they are a neutral, objective company but after about ten of them, I don't bother anymore.
iPhone... If you have more money than sense.
This article is pure opinion, the author should write it in personal blog or facebook or something like that
People! This was written to stir up people who still think there's a point to winning the "who's best" argument. Why? Because both apple and android had armies of unpaid people, US, doing their advertising for them. Over the last few months a lot of people have stopped wasting their time and accepted both and that's bad for these companies. Now they have to dump more into advertising. The gist of the article is obvious from the title. Just don't click on it or any other article that is trying to manipulate you. You're smarter than that.
Eric To
Are you fucking serious? How's the Android hovering the low end of the market? Tons of droids phones are all duo and quad nowadays, plenty powerful and inexpensive unlike the overpriced iPhone with shit old OS...
Another Apple vs Google / iOS vs Android ramble.  Read the article, and sad to say it was teetering on the Apple bias a bit - and that's where the whole thing went down the crapper.  Just another person holding on to the ideology that because they spent more on their thing, it's better than anything worth less.  Apparently, his snake oil is of higher quality!
What a joke, the high end phones are the top sellers so how can your argument be even remotely accurate? Folks can pick up a gs3 now for 0$ on contract today. A gs2 from 2 years ago running ICS is still better than the iPhone 5 in every aspect.
+TechCrunch you are obviously a idiot fan boy. Yes android caters to everyone, cheaper phones and top of the line. My Nexus 4 will shit all over a iphone 5. That's just one, there are a few Samsung devices that would too. Face it, iphone just doesn't have it anymore, and they are steadily losing ground. Learn to write with facts instead of spreading your desperate propaganda. 
so you mean to say that more than 70% smartphone users are stupid?
Whosoever has written the article has not been exposed to high end android phones. Just because Android phones are available across the price range doesn't mean they are not good. Being a non US native I can say that Google now is much better than Siri
That was a pretty awful article. It gives way too much credit to cheap Android phones, and frankly, even some of the phones you can find for free on contract right now have some characteristics in line with the highest of the high end phones. So screw the elitism expressed here. And screw the bitter attitude that Google is only winning because.... You ignore that this is why Android is awesome. It HAS made the smartphone accessible to those who aren't as well off. 
Do you thing cheeper is not good and overpriced is good? I don't think so.. Not always cheeper is not good, be smart +TechCrunch 
I'm a big fan of both apple and google but must say you go it wrong... really wrong.

Compare specs for the Nexus 10 and 7 tablets or the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4 to apple's devices and you will see that at high end phones, Android is actually improving at a faster speed than apple with tons of better specs and innovations.

*Android is competing within itself. There are half a dozen respected companies trying to create a better android every month. Meanwhile, 
Apple is competing with itself by putting out a new device every year or so*

As for people with low-end android devices... they would probably not buy an iphone so what is the point of comparing them to apple.

Apple makes some great stuff and their peripherals and some apps are still far superior but seriously guys, there have been one too many posts like this. Thinking of removing you from my circles
I removed from G+ and from twitter, no need to waste time reading garbage like this 
I think this is more trolling to get people to come to the TC site. The articles are poorly written. They attract a crowd only by encouraging a fight. 
B Blair
Fucking Weak ,Tech Cruch! I Feel Stupid for Clicking
The truth is android popular because it's tech, not cheap.
I am using iPhone as well as HTC Android phone. My experience is in line with what artical is saying.  Android phones are lacking in many areas like user experience, material used, s/w upgrade, quality apps etc... 
LoL Love the troll post but man! Why are y'all so far up apples ass tech crunch? The fan boyism is severely strong in your posts its almost perverted.
1) Like mentioned before, there are several phones with better specs than iPhone has
2) I choose android because of the user experience and ability to customize everything
3) Hardcore troll detected.

Wasted my time in hopes to learn of a new point of view but instead got an apple fanboy unable to get past the casuals argument.
Android is inexpensive, not cheap.  My Galaxy S3 blows away any iphone made to date and you all know it.
Does it matter? Until there's something better but equally free, Android will dominate the market.
Android phones are often cheaper than Apple products, sure. But I also think they're much better as well.
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