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We went hands-on with the Ubuntu phone. It's quirky, but pretty sweet.
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But quirky is a problem for mass marketing usability.
are you guys gonna get Ubuntu loaded on your phones when it's released?
Depends. I'll stick it on an old one first to test it. I'm not sure if I'm ready to ditch Android, hence my comment about dual booting.
Booting Ubuntu from smartphone to any screen would be amazing
It honestly looks wonderful. I hope it makes it out the starting blocks as the more competition there is the better. 
Can i have one like that? Its pretty wonderful...
Not sure if I like it or not since I really don't like Unity. I'm still waiting to see how Wayland changes things (... and waiting ...and waiting) 
Link doesn't work. I get a headline with no story. What's with that?
Dear Tech Crunch, I am on a Galaxy Nexus using Chrome and can't view your mobile site (it's horrible and almost unreadable). Learn how to create a website. I You are a 'technical authority' 
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