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Ha. Head over to Google Translate and try this out yourself. Quick.
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This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard pretty sure it's just someone hacking their phone to do it to make a video and get views.
Sam Sun
I tried it too ... Works 
I apologize it does indeed work that is very bizarre  Well I'm sure they will fix it soon.
Just think, the are a bunch of iPads at someone's job saying, "he praises the iPad".
I am now officially naming this bug "STEVE JOBS". 
Why does everyone assume it's a bug? Bugs dont work like that... It was intentional and therefore an easter-egg if not a feature.
+Darryl Roberts It most definitely is not a bug. All responses have to be pre-programmed, so it definitely was added by one of the engineers along the way. Its just one in a long list of Google easter eggs. They are sort of Google's trademark.
OMG! Siri is self-aware and she's taking over the planet! :D
Omg guys. Why don't you read the article if you read it you would know that it is a bug. it says so.
I like preprogrammed services that make people to be amazed, but all these things are for fun. It is not bug.
Filled with is my favorite. .lol
Kinda like when Siri said Android was the best smartphone? Can't remember if it said Samsung or HTC...
They have probably not heard of the iOS6 April fool's day problem yet that affects all their devices. Then they may change their opinion...
Search for the post 'iOS6 has it's own April fool' I have just submitted....
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