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First iphone is down.
Now we have to say goodbye for the macbook !
can I program android programs on chrome? Is there a way to hook up a printer to it?  Debating on getting a chromebook for my mom.
+Sander Roelofs I mean actually creating android application.  Like how I can create windows applications on a Windows OS.
Maybe it's a good thing they're sold out. 
It's about time TC posted something that wasn't up Apple's or Microsoft's ass... After seeing the Samsung Chromebooks and the cheap (as in cheap) Acer model, I've been looking forward to getting one of these.
I think at some point they'll merge chrome os with android
+Alan Bowker You wont be disappointed. I waltzed into Starbucks (yea not my regular hang out) and I noticed everyone's laptops were giamungus! I set my Chromebook down, and went to get my over priced coffee... Came back and sat next to the heard of huge laptop users all the names were there; Dell, HP, Apple (no airs in sight) the list goes on. I opened my Chromebook flipped it open (I was thinking 10 seconds to boot) it must have known I was in show-off mood... It resumed, not even a half a second I was at my browser and connecting to ATT wifi. I have no need for Microsoft, no need for Apple or any other companies bulky software. 

Thanks Google! 
Put me down for one...
The Chromebook has it's place. I still prefer my Apple MacBook Pro. I think the Android OS should be ported to laptops. Then you would have a serious machine that is not so tethered to the cloud.
Yay, a MacBook Pro killer! You just need wifi, if you want to use those 7 apps. If there is no wifi, you can still use it as a mini coffee table. Eat this, Apple! ;)
+Nino Novak Imagine how liberating it feels when you spin up your tethering ability (WiFi hot spot) on your Galaxy Nexus and connect your Chromebook... And to think I was a DOS 6 user and a 9600 Baud modem user..
+Michael Serra I can use my iPhone's personal hotspot, too, but I wouldn't buy a Chromebook, because it doesn't offer much for my needs. But to each his own.
John F
I hope this is true.
+Benjamin Zomberg Yes as far as I know you can use a printer with a Chrome Book. There isn't a way to program for android on it yet... I'm guessing it won't be TOO much longer though. You can already program many other languages in the cloud.
+Jason Stewart +Benjamin Zomberg Google Cloud print allows you to print from most any of your devices Android included. As far as developing on the Chrome platform.. Well that says it all Chrome is a browser so you would need to develop internet applications... And, that's all I got.
+Michael Serra yeah there are cloud based IDE's out there, but they seem to be mostly for web app design.
My staff and I are using Chromebooks for close to 80% of our business activities, and we only consider purchasing, or using traditional computers if we cannot find the functionality or apps that we require. However If Google is committing themselves to creating these, then it can only mean good things for the development of chrome OS and the Chromebook . Hopefully soon we can move the remaining 20% of our business to Chromebooks, which would make everything a whole lot more efficient and simple.
+Bodo Hoenen if you're a business that already uses Google Apps and Drive and such... I'm guessing a Chrome Book would be a no-brainer. 
Eric Au
Can it be upgraded to Android ?
Funny, I just noticed a TV commercial over the Thanksgiving Weekend on the Google Chromebook.  
Working in a retail environment I haven't been surprised that those interested in the Chromebooks (enough to purchase) are already those involved in IT of some sort  - 
I want one!
+Jason Stewart Absolutely, we use Google apps and tools for almost all our work as they are far more useful than their Microsoft counterparts. Using Chromebooks is a no brainier especially for the 100% web vision.  
My ideal is to run linux on the chromebook and chrome OS on the Nexus 7
My ideal is to stop Google TV that's android based and change it to chrome os. You can use web apps that way
+Sander Roelofs meh. I have a Google TV and switching it to Chrome OS wouldn't be a good fit. What they need to do is start maiing more apps that interact with the phone/tablet apps.  Less interacting with a clunky remote on my TV and more doing stuff on my phone/tablet and then "swiping" it to the TV like with the new Youtube app.
+Jason Stewart hmm, app devs are slowly making more tablet apps, I think this would be nice for a transition period.
Been curious about chrome books but can never justify buying one, I'm not sure I would find a use for it.
My chromebook from last year already broke... but I loved it so much I may get another. If this is true... I will just wait for Google's version!!
I love my Chromebook, it's great for general purpose web browsing, note taking. etc. No good for heavy duty work like rendering video. To get the best from it you need to shift the documents you work with into the cloud - the 100 gig of webspace from Google helps here but you have to adopt a new way of interacting with your work.
I hope it looks like the cr-48. Even though it was just a dev laptop I thought the design was good. 
guess ill wait on getting my chromebook
Hoping by Christmas the price may go down a little on the Samsung 550 and that my local+Best Buy's will sell them. Nexus chromebook is definitely something to look forward to in the future but I need a new laptop soon! +Dan Fischbach 
I have a new Samsung Chromebook which is excellent, the only problems being the somewhat small and feeble  display and the tendency of the plastic body to show scuff marks. A high end low priced Nexus model would be something worth waiting for indeed!
Samsung Chromebook Series 3 (2012) wifi.
Samsung Chromebook Series 3 (2012) 3G on the way for me!
+Rita Mishkin I originally purchased the New Samsung Chromebook, but sold it to get a 550... for a few reasons.  You can get the 550 through Amazon Warehouse for $310-330.  That's what I did at least and mine showed up like brand new.
hope google to make chromebook in u.s.a.,  like with  motorola.
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