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New YouTube app for iPhone, will you use it?  
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no, i think my budget is just to tight!!@#$%^&*())
Downloaded and already using. Love that it makes you rotate phone to record. Google is dominating iOS lately.
New Youtube and Google Maps app has brought breadth back to the tormented new iPhone. 
Yet another Google app launched first on competitor's platform. 
Just downloaded it. Great little tool, cross social network sharing too, I might be shooting more videos in the near future!
Well, considering I don't have (nor want) an iphone, no I guess I won't use it.
Downloaded, quickly made a recording:

Pretty slick. The stabilization made the video really wobbly so I turned that off.  But kudos for having real-time enhancement previews prior to uploading.

I added their "Pop" music soundtrack to the video but it doesn't appear to have been actually added to the upload.

Good start for quick uploads
Hmmm.  Interesting, on a refresh, the music has now been added. I guess that drops into their workflow sometime AFTER initial upload.
Flip to horizontal for recording is something I am so very thankful for. YouTube might actually become visually appealing again. 
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