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Protip: If you're ever in Victoria, Australia, don't use Apple Maps. You could die.
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That's what I call - good PR :))
Just don't use Apple Maps anywhere. Not until Apple gets a clue about how ridiculously hard mapmaking really is.
Ain't that a terrific plug for Apple Maps! :-)
I just love when people make an "Apple Troll Gathering". Even the most popular tech websites are joining in. It seems to be very popular these days. Quoting Les Grossman - "Apple is a dying star. A white dwarf headed for a black hole. That's physics. It's inevitable." Poor Apple  :)
They can fix this.  Just declare "Here There Be Dragons" every 25 miles.
I hear that +MG Siegler thinks the reason for Maps taking people this far from where they want to go is that the National Park is thinner and more beautiful then Mildura! ;-)
+Phillip Malone Guess Siegler has never had the experience  of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with only his favourite iPhone for company! :-)
@Angel Garcia: The only market for fat ugly apples is in the grocery store!
Scott will be kicked out very soon before one year, LMAO, poor users. 
So don't buy it you morons... get a life! looks like you don't have anything else to do except pointing finger at others fault. Are you maybe perfect or anything you own? let me know which device you call perfect?? 
All Map programs have faults. Google Maps once drove me to an open field in the middle of nowhere. I finally realized the destination was on the far side of the field. Too bad the road ended.
Apple Maps for that experience of total solitude ! :)
Last may Google maps had me going the wrong direction four times on my family to to Washington DC. Causing us a extra three hours on the road. It is difficult for any company to make a perfect map system.

@Marc Sommer, shouldn't that be iHumor?
Z Todd
Only the best for Australians...guided cutback tour with a difference!
Apple is garbage, i love the word commonly used on this thread... "sheeple" ahhhhhhhahahahahaha suckerz... Its funny watching ppl get irritated with the tevhnology ya"ll worshop sooo much...but even more funny cuz its apple... What crap
Let them use it.
Survival of the fittest.
Let the natural selection take place.
( only joking )
they scramble people in to steal the money from the cars and or bust them
The funniest part of the diehard Apple community is that many of them don't seem to realize that Apple has become resurgent and newly successful by doing many of the very things that Bill Gates did early on with Windows (steal ideas, improve on them, and eliminate competition through compatibility monopolies). Only now, Apple is better at it, more ruthless about it, better at marketing it (and thereby hiding the vicious corporation behind that hip, sleek veneer), and more profit maximizing with it (squeezing every penny out of their community, leaving no potential money on the table). Apple is basically Goldman Sachs in the tech market. Laughing at their consumers in emails about ripping their faces off, while cultivating a "sense of community" in their soft, glowing, friendly stores.
Pro tip: Don't use Apple Maps.

Even Tim Cook has said as much. Apple really screwed the pooch on this one. Instead of playing politics, they should have released Apple Maps and kept their Google Maps until things were worked out. 
Jay A
bugger, mate!
But you all have to agree that is not a very clever strategy for any business to kill its clients. 
And by the same token don't use Google maps in Monmouthshire. Especially if you want to find where I live. I hope the ambulance service doesn't use Google maps - they would never find us
Apple is desperate to hire some of the people who worked on Google's maps. They (Apple) thought it would be so simple.

The straw that broke the camel's back was that Apple wanted to give their users "turn-by-turn" voice directions. Google wanted a "byline", such as "Powered by Google Maps". Apple wouldn't concede, so Google didn't allow Apple to use their data for it. So Apple, instead of looking out for their customers' best interests, threw together a shoddy, poor excuse for maps (now even a police department says that it's dangerous).

Google has been doing this a lot longer and has so much more invested and has been innovating on its technologies to make it even better. They even developed algorithms to use their "street view" images to enhance and improve the accuracy of their maps.
Ryan Ng
And on the same token, never use Siri- it always messes up your request
Stupid post for stupid people. You deserve to get lost if your that dumb. The real tragedy is that FIRST the police rescued these people, and SECOND the police publicly commented on it for all the other idiots. 
Ryan Ng
Apple Maps is created by iDiots.
And yet my son and a friend, both with iPhones, have not had any problems with maps or Siri. Interesting?
+David Robertson You must be joking. It (Tom Tom) led me down the wrong way of a one-way street! Couldn't find many addresses, couldn't pronounce street names, no traffic info. (Unless you cough up money for traffic which required separate device, and updates). Google maps an my Android outdoes any "single-function" navigation device that I have used. I need my phone anyway, its great to have navigation as a part of all the things my phone can do.
This is easily explained.  Since Australia is far south of the equator, everything there is upside-down in relation to all the GPS satellites, which were designed with a northern hemisphere perspective.  Therefore, if Aussies simply hold there iPhones and other devices upside-down, they should work properly.

Problem solved.  You can thank me later.

I don't understand the nonsense in bashing Apple.  People have short memories.  When the iPhone was first developed, it ushered a new era that everyone benefits from.  Now that benefit is realized through all the competitive technology that it spawned.  It's like you all want to see the company die a death and never come back.  What would we be left  Ugh!  dreads to that thought.  Apple has life left to it's mission.  That mission helps us all by driving competition.  Competition makes a better world for us all.  Why keep the hate going?  To show how under-evolved you all are?  Let go of your frustrations and hate, they hold you back in life.  Grow!
+Robert Ray I detest Apple's business practices. They're more about litigation than innovation, recently. I understand people have different tastes. I used to admire Apple products.  There are many other smaller reasons I don't choose Apple, but their legal "shenanigans" are my primary reason.
That's cool. Haha Good for Apple.. a good way to build reputation. And also a sly way of killing people. Apple go get lost! That's just wrong!
Itz beta to carve a simple mental navigation than die a preventable death...itz only the hard nuts will shrewd attacks bt critically haf u been in such a mishievous location by the apple map?..those who wish to denie the facts can happily die by this human error...and those who wish to test this hypothesis will end end developing new theories.
Apple, wants Help finding its self...Sorry, this distant journey, your on your own
Ryan Ng
Sorry, Apple looks like the biggest butt-face I have ever seen.
Isn't behind all there is the hand of samsung :D hahahahha
Looks like apple is trying to kill off some sheep 
Can't wait until Google's NEW MAP App is released on iOS. Getting rid of Google Maps is one of the worse decisions Apple ever made for iOS.
+J. S. Hansenius I think this more applies to people that have never been there.  Locals are not going to have this problem.
+John Kirsopp Apple don't innovate, were you living under a rock when the Ipod touch came out, it was just the first handheld tactile device, or when the original Ipod came out, the first with-screen portable music player. Apple innovate and rebuild the market. Theire may be a lot of Sheeple out there, but Apple brought something new to the table. Also did you know that Apple released their first Ipad (under a different name) in '98, it was overpriced and failed but if that isn't innovation then please talk to me about the amazing android or galaxy.
Apple doesnt innovate, they steal and optimize.  Then the sheep buy their stuff.
Michael Gee stop it, you show can your view i away that is not insulting and degrading, because people have the right to buy what that like. Insulting them is not going to change their minds. It belittles them and make you look an ass...... So just stop it and use the brain that you have.
leave Apple alone for one day guys, So much heat for Apple. Apple has always showed innovation at early stage of their new product and it will Keep coming in near future as well. But Android is the new young leader and future trend maker. l love my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
and they want to build the glass project.........hahaha
My Apple Maps works fine, that's all I really care about. 
Doesn't really make it less true...  Not all Apple fans are sheep, but a large percentage are.  If I hurt your feelings I'm sorry.  I'm not here to make anyone feel bad about themselves.  I didn't say anything that the Apple fans i know don't say themselves.  
Congratulations Apple! Your maps program has gone past annoying and skipped levels to progress all the way to "life threatening". I have no words for this.
All I read in comments on various tech blogs from Apple fanboys is how "fine" Apple Maps works for them so there's no issue at all. When will they learn the world is bigger than their tiny slice of the planet? 
It's not death, it's a "Magical Ascendency into the Afterlife."
If it be Apple maps or other gps services, you must remember that it is only a tool just as a paper map is. You still have to look at road signs ( and READ them ).
Have some COMMON sense and you will be fine.
N ausy my frnd told me that apple maps are the best
Oh Apple.... You should have stuck with the near-flawless creation that is Google Maps instead of playing politics. Or at least given iPhone users an option. That being said, it's only a first generation application, so it will likely improve with subsequent iOS releases.
+William Diablo I said recently. All Apple has done recently has been just introducing mediocre enhancements / changes. I even mentioned that I had admired Apple products in the past. I did not dismiss Apple's early innovation it's just that the progeny of what was innovative is no longer so.

I did not even want to "wade into" some of my gripes towards Apple products. I was trying to point out that their legal practices are the most abhorrent to me.
Is this TomTom or Apple maps that's causing the problem?
Here in the UK the turn by turn on Apple maps is done by TomTom. It's not the first time A satnav has sent someone into an iffy situation. 
apple maps for that experience of total solitude...
Also when in Death Valley USA it's advised not to use any sat nav at all as they lead you down dirt tracks most cars can't handle as we found out the hard way from the Toyota sat nav. 
Sometimes I just dispair that an entire faction of the Public is just so stupid ast to get killed or lost using a Cellphone without enough senes to use it call for help.

Then I remember my concept of remove all safety devices and let's reboot the Human Race.
When I was Joshua Tree National Park, the ranger said don't use smartphones or GPS.
Ok. Let me say yahoo something; if you are in a search for a city and where is sand and rocks everywhere in eyesight and you still trust your electronic device (whatever the brand is), you deserve to be eliminated from the gene pool.
I love Google map .. Thanks Google 
Wow, now even something as simple as a map can kill us. I'm not sure how I feel about humanity anymore.
Profit over life. Bring me my google maps. 
If your in Australia and on an iphone try whereis maps. It's free and made by Australians. 
It's still not been fixed, OMG.
In other news Apple patents the word map and sues Australian Police for patent infringement.
Ouch. Yet another strike against Apple Maps.
Isn't it interesting how iMultinational4sheeple has gone down hill since their founder has disrespect to Steve Jobs. I love my Android and I love Google !! Hahahah ;-)
Hey, if you're too stupid to download another GPS app, you probably deserve to be stranded in the woods. 
Well the reason why Apple remove Google Maps in the first place is that Google Maps was too damn efficient for them!
Are people seriously going to depend on Apple Maps instead of their own brains? 
"the phone works fine, you are holding it wrong", next they are going to say "those maps are going to be correct after construction is over"..... 
Other than checking if information was updated, this article is poorly written and poorly researched. Contrary to the slapped on last lines, following GPS based navigation devices without consulting other maps (or common sense) have led to people finding themselves disoriented inside of or on their way to National Parks in the US --not just little towns in Australia. I personally put in data change requests to Tom Tom, NavTeq, Digital Atlas, Microsoft Streets and Trips and Garmin to correct routing through a rural one lane road in a quiet enclave of houses that people followed only to arrive at a locked gate that is only opened for emergencies or evacuation--where they thought they were entering a national park. Even a cursory internet search would have been more informative than this blather e.g. and this
Bashing Apple Maps is a nice way to ride hits when the less sexy but important issue is a dismal amount of geographic literacy by many people (not just those from the USA).
Not everyone reads tech blogs and heard Tim Cook acknowledge their maps were poor and people should use something else. The iPhone has been marketed as a magical device and people expect a magical device to do magical things, ie have a default maps program that works. Apple fans can try to excuse away this maps fiasco, but they're only fooling themselves. This is a major blemish on Apple's reputation. 
I want to get a Nexus 4, but Telstra in Aus isn't supplying it because of lack of LTE support. So it looks like the iPhone 5 for me :/ Telstra has the best service in Aus.
Apple product is a shit... Hahahahahahahaha...
I don't understand why people by an iPhone. My friends say it's very convenient. Buy when I ask them whether it could do at least half the things my nexus could do; they say it's an iPhone!!! It doesn't matter what it can do!!! Which clearly means it's just a veblon good. Practically not useful as an android but carries a status symbol.
Probably just "holding it wrong"... Haha
I love Apple products, but I'm not one of those people that thinks they are perfect in every way.  However, I was in Tokyo last weekend and a friend of mine and I were looking for breakfast...he on iPhone me on Android.  Neither of our maps programs were working properly.  Which leads me to believe that both products have their issues so whichever you choose is not big deal.  In other words, enough of the Apple bashing.  It's stale.
+Joe Moore .. but it's sooo much fun to bash Apple - I mean people gotta have a legit target to poke fun at (ok maybe they don't.. but you know what I mean), and racial stereotype jokes are rightfully way out of fashion now .. so  ..    

I'm not a fan of Apple; my biggest problem with their products is that their limitations are so very limiting.  Many people are OK with that - and rightfully so. I'm not.
+David Robertson You are joking right?....and you do realize tha Apple maps is built on TomToms data right. Not blaming them, but seems awfully funny that you would choose them as your weopon against phone based navigation. I would have chose Garmin.
Near my home town! This really would be a major driver fail to end up in the 'apple Mildura', then again if it was dark? It would be pretty dangerous though, the roads are basic sandy dirt tracks and if you got stuck and decided to walk West instead of East - your pretty much dead. 
Be careful Apple if someone gets hurted you can get a lawsuit. Can not believe they still have that stupid application still running. VERY BAD MANAGEMENT APPLE.
The sad thing is that I live in Australia and I have not heard anything about this on our news, if it wasn't for google+ and flipboard then I probably wouldn't have heard of it at all. 
now we can safely say that its a rotten apple

+Christopher Adams You must be 13 year old justin beiber fanboy to comment "Haters gotta Hate".
I got one for you to use next time you want to sound hip an cool "Shitters gotta Shit" "Pissers gotta Piss" "Fuckers gotta Fuck" etc etc.
It will be awhile before Cr'apple sort out the problem with their map "it Just does not Work"
Oh look, another person bashing Apple.  How "unique".
Oh look, another person commenting about someone bashing Apple. How "unique".
Why spend that much when a UBD costs less than $30, Oh. I know Its coz sheeple can't read and Think at the same time
It is true I just to love Apple their products were so good but looks like that it just in the past. Now they are not giving any innovations they just worry in making stupid lawsuits and patents. How low that great company can go very sad. Apple please just take that bad application off till it is fixed.
I believe it my wifes iPhone always giving wrong directions we play a game to see who will get there first me n my galaxy and here an her iPhone. She always lost.. My be that's why they sue Samsung because they are better especially with google apps.
Why does PD interfere with laws? It is called natural sellection, and is above all your laws.
The great thing about Apple is - "It just works!" Yeah, right.
+norkhairi misdi You say PO+ATO I say POT@O!!! 
Thanks for the +/@ clarification.  I'm a stranger here, myself!
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