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I beg to differ why the average consumer might not see the backend. Meaning AWS they do see commerce in amazon and Amazon is marketing itself as a Commerce company and not big data company i have a feeling that even Google has something to worry about from Amazon
Amazon lockers is going to be HUGE! Excited to see further developments from the company. Good to see they are making online shopping a more pleasant experience for the user rather than having to wait in line at the post office to pick something up.
I really like Amazon. They've had the best customer service, always on top of things, it's great.  and it's so easy for me to just sit home and buy stuff lol
Maybe the United States Post Office should take notes, Amazon is all about service and has a strong base because of it and is growing. USPS has little competition and is still going in the tank....
USPS is terrible .. and UPS i sbecoming cheaper than USPS 
Interesting. What is stopping FedEx an UPS from providing similar services?
Amazon rocks, we use them and have bought over $20k in product this year alone. Great prices, they didn't cry when AZ demanded sales tax and no fulfillment issues at all. Keep it up amazon! 
I don't agree
Amazon IS firstly an ecommerce Co
Secondly a supply chain provider
And a backoffice provider for other ecommerce Co
Anybody agrees?
Im with you I said the same this author needs to examine all angles
Im with ya Amazon is promoting itself as ecommerce so that's qhere I put
them first
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