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Actually i think google will win the post-post-post pc era...
I very much dislike the term "Post PC Era," but to that question I think they will all win. We do not have a zero sum game here.
Pc is here to stay. Google has a high chance of winning. Microsoft too 
Consumers and web developers will win.  The more platforms in the race, the more the web is required to fill in the gaps.

I think the convertible laptop/tablet has been dead for the past 10 years.  Tablets are cheap enough that you can buy both a laptop and a tablet for just a little more money and you get two screens.
Let's hope none of them CLEARLY win. Competition is healthy and I think necessary these days with our attention span. The key for healthy ecosystems though will be compatibility. I think this is where Google may ultimately excel though. They are building so much ON TOP of the web that you can use their services everywhere. OS centered software will likely start dwindling as the dynamic nature of web apps will prove to be a crucial edge.
They will all do fairly well in the medium term but I think that the current general trends will continue into the foreseeable future.  Google, Samsung & Amazon will trend upward in terms of market share and investor appeal.  Microsoft will continue to truck along like it has ever since Ballmer took over.  Apple will slowly decline but they could get a shot in the arm if they can actually manage to come up with a really disruptive innovation.
As much as I love my Galaxy S3 and my Nexus 7 tablet, I will never stop using my desktop with 23" dual monitors, keyboard and mouse. I work in the IT department for a large credit union and we just ordered 200 new Dell desktops for both, front end and back end users. There is no indication of a post pc era going on where I live. There are those nontechnical savy users who get on Facebook (which I hope one day disappears off the face of the earth) and those who just check email that seem to be moving to tablets. But to say the pc era is over for everyone including businesses is pretty shallow in my opinion. You people need to raise your helicopter and look at the whole picture. I'll always have a top of the line pc in my house but for those times when I'm laying in bed reading or away from my pc, I'll use my phone or tablet as a backup. Long live the PC!!!! 
n rocha
Pc is not dead.. Far from it. Pc is still the most powerful platform. I'd like to see apps like photoshop, Lightroom, autocad run on any mobile platform. Ha ha... Dont think so. The general users who are NOT power users will flock to tablets etc... But power users will always stay with the more powerful, versatile platforms
I see no possibility of losing use of a desktop or laptop anytime in the next several years at least. As a graphic designer, the interface of a drawing tablet plus the computing power of a powerful pc or Mac is not yet seeing any competition from ANY mobile device. Period. IPad and some of the android tablets are awesome, but the storage and processing power are not even close. 
Again Techcrunch are making something of nothing.
Gonna have to unfollow them crackpots.
Apple and google all day, Samsung will move away from android in the next 2 years.
Google has the right pieces in place to be dominant, but the pie is big enough for everyone to play. 
Unless Google can come out with something innovative through their ownership of Motorola, Google is doomed to lose this.

In the Android space, it's wise to divorce Google from Android to really understand what Android REALLY is. Android is open source and can be used by anybody. This has left the playing field open to the likes of Amazon to do the Kindle, which despite adding market share for Android, does absolutely NOTHING for Google. Same goes for the Nook, Android on phones sold in China & other places where Google services are restricted by default. While Android makes up 90% of smartphones sold in China (most by Lenovo & Samsung), how many offer Google services?

Google has not been able to monetize Android in any meaningful way. Samsung has & it's why they are the only truly profitable Android vendor. This should worry Google, as more people associate Android with Samsung rather than Google. Oh, and lets not forget that Samsung & Intel have been working on their own open sourced OS, Tizen.

Eventually, Samsung will tire of Android, as Amazon will, as well. Right now they are a means to an end & that end is in sight. Samsung realizes that they put the effort in making Android actually useful, release devices and then sit back & watch Google try & take over with Google's services, such as the Play Store. Do you think Samsung likes this? Nope. Not. One. Bit. No company would.

Nexus devices have a very minute penetration into the market. Which is the nice way of saying "nonexistent market share". What started out as a developer phone, needs to mature into a mainstream mobile device if Android has any chance of survival. 
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