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Would you buy an Apple-built TV? They're said to be testing designs.
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I'm not part of the Apple ecosystem, so it wouldn't really make sense for me. 
will it be an affordable substitute to cable? if so, then yes.
Sweet a 10,000 dollar TV, that everyone else charges 2,500 dollars for. 

bu....bu....but this one has an "i" in front of the TV. 
+Anthony Schiavino - bought Apple TV last week and have hardly used it. I'm returning it tomorrow. It's just too expensive to Rent or Buy. 

What's the Roku like? 
+Phillip Maddick I setup a roku for my dad. It's a pretty nice/inexpensive way to get netflix, amazon and hulu on your tv. 
Why be locked into a stale and stagnant eco-system ?
No way, it would be obsolete in 2 years and I'd be expected to upgrade.
Depends... I know some people "hate" Apple products but if it does stuff that I find useful and is open to 3rd party apps, I may jump on board
Absolutely. Pricing may be an issue - take the most expensive TV you can find, multiply the price by 1.5, reduce the screen size by half, and you'll be in the ballpark of what to expect.
Probably, if it is nice looking and not ridiculously priced. Maybe up to a bit cheaper than the lowest-tier Bang & Olufsen TVs. I'll want to hook up anything I want to it though, including my GoogleTV.
No. I won't use a crApple TV even if someone gave it to me for free!
I prefer my televisions to act as dumb monitors. Then I can add whatever functionality I want to them. In 10-15 years (how long I expect to keep a set) what I want to use on the tv will be entirely different. I certainly wasn't getting most of my video content from Netflix 10 years ago, and I would not be surprised if I was using something completely different 10 years from now. In the last 10 years I went from VHS to DVD to an XBox with XBMC to now Netflix and YouTube through a couple of different boxes I have.
absolutely. No tv would have as simple an interface. Regular tv feels old. 
It really comes down to a cost of the product PLUS the ecosystem it comes with. If we're talking a TV with the same app lineup that Apple TV brings, then most likely not. Frankly I think this will be how the product is launched, but much like we saw with iTunes Apple will build the software infrastructure behind it as they develop.
It would really depend how good it is, but I don't see it coming close to my HTPC.  I am heavily invested into TV content via itunes because they provide the only library in Canada.  A very good library.

The perfect device has to do one thing and I would think most people would agree.  The device must not make me change video in and that is what a HTPC can do.  Blu-ray, games, music, youtube, netflix et al.  

if Apple can do this then they might have a shot as most people will never set up a HTPC even though it is super easy
Better than Google TV...what garbage that was!
Yea, I would defiantly buy one, you get airplay!
Knowing apple, it would cost twice as much as the competition and do only 75% as much...yet be the device that saves the world somehow!
It'll probably cost as much as a new car...I'd rather have the car. I'm all set with my LG LCD thank you very much. 
Probably not. I'd rather spend $99 on an Apple STB and get the same experience on any TV.
No. I have apple tv and unless you want to spend a fortune via iTunes it's rubbish. 
Nope, I try to avoid supporting this company in any way.
Is It Gonna Leave Me Stranded In Australia?

I'm Not Gonna Take That Chance. 
This is a very persistent rumor. However I fear the biggest innovation for TV is not the box but who controls the content being delivered to it. Let's just say iTunes at $2 a show is not the revolution I'm looking for. 
As if TV wasn't already boring and uninteresting enough already. Pardon me while I quietly barf in my mouth. 
TV has already been revolutionized by Netflix. Apple will fail if they really release a TV. I mean, iSheep are not that stupid. What can they offer that I don't already have with my TV and ps3? NOTHING! Retina display and iTunes? Get out.
 Unless Apple can change the way we watch TV and how we get our content than No.   I think this is the rumor that will not die, unfortunately unless Apple can get the content providers to agree with their way of doing things it is also a rumor that will never come true or if it does will disappoint. 
+David McMeekin exactly. The best TV is the one that is just a great monitor at a great price that allows you to plug in whatever you want. Even smart TVs are dumb. 
+Kevin Homan well, we all know apple sells overpriced products so the price will be very high. It will have a great design I'm sure, but whatever they want to do they could already be doing it with their iTV box thing. 
IFF it is running something besides iOS I would consider it.  
No. Apple is evil and doesn't deserve anyone's money. Trying to patent the shape of a leaf...unbelievable. Why do people still support that company?
How much is that going to cost? Better yet, what features will be excluded that any new tele already has?
This is Google Plus! We hate Apple!
+Grant Johnston that shit made me Lolloolol.
Only a matter of time before they patent the television really
Two years ago, I would have said yes.Now, each software update makes my Apple TV less usable and more unreliable. I have to think Apple has lost too much focus to produce an improved TV.

Also, as others have said, televisions work best as dumb monitors. I like the idea of a cheap, easily upgradeable box as an intermediary more than I like the idea of a smart TV.
Why not just ask "are you a gullible brand slave / iSheep" ?

When the stations (and sports leagues) get out of bed with the cable providers and start allowing other services to broadcast their content, I'll buy the revised Google equivalent.
no but i would buy another samsung tv over and over and over
Yes the real question is why they didn't come out with one already. 
because they know it will flop lets make it touch screen to and retina lol havent bought an apple product since i bought original iphone for 600 bucks with a two year contract
Only if there is a real advantage over the Apple TV that I have now. If they just stick that in the back of a large aluminum LCD then I will pass. 
Probably. Depends on what it can do and how much it is. I'm not an apple idiot that just buys it for the logo. And I'm also not an apple hater just because its made by apple. I own a nexus 4 and an iPad. Go on, try to make fun of me now!
No what ever they do they can't compete with Samsung , sony sharp panasonic philips and a lo of others that are milion lightinig years ahed 
Its great to see 1000s of people waking up to Apples gouging ideology and moving to Android! 
FaceTime on Apple TV will be a great feature. Mic in remote for both FaceTime and Siri
^ "The rate at which the screen is flickering is well within normal specifications."  lol
"No, it's Apple, I hate Apple."
I'm yet to read one comment that even remotely presents a good perspective.
I'm waiting for it to come out before I comment on it. After all, it appears to be one of the last devices that Steve Jobs worked on, and he was amazing. 
No, Apple is not immune to making a lemon, so I will give them some time for evolution.

+BryCee Steel,
I won't buy one because of this perspective:
I have never considered buying anything Apple because I can find electronics that fill my needs at much lower prices. I'm not rich, and I don't have a lot of money to throw around haphazardly. That's enough to keep me from buying their stuff, but I also don't like Apple's conduct with regard to patents and lawsuits. That puts a bad taste in my mouth and is also a turn-off. Still, without the lawsuits, I would not buy one. Ditto for their computers - over priced and nothing really special since they went to Intel architecture, IMO.
They may very well have good stuff, but I am not in their target customer group. I have no use for all the wonderful things (bazillions of apps, "magical" devices, etc.) they bring to the table. They are overkill and over priced. I have a Samsung HDTV, Nook Color, and a TracFone LG800g that fill my needs completely. Why would I shell out twice as much money for something I have no use for, or desire for the "extras" they might offer?
Does that qualify as a "good perspective"?
I don't consider Jobs to have been "amazing" at all. That comment screams "fan boy". Not a good perspective in itself with respect to the subject at hand. Certainly not objective in the least.
+Dale Stanton

That's a better perspective than what most other G+ users seem to blurt out at any glimpse they get of an Apple post.

I look at my purchases from a much broader perspective. A top-down view you could say. I look at how the company operates with respect to the environment, its employees and its customers. I spend a lot of time checking Apples environmental page (on their website) and find myself pleased with the effort that the company puts into its complete product life cycles, it's the tiny things that count. I love that if anything goes wrong with my iDevices, I can't take them to the nearest Apple Store and get it replaced right there and then, minimal downtime. That is just so much more than other companies are offering.

I've had so much trouble with my HTC One X. After two weeks HTC had to 'rebuild the motherboard' and take my phone for 6 weeks. This happened twice. On another occasion, my iPhone 4S had input problems, I took it to the Apple Store and walked out with a brand new iPhone. That's the difference that draws me into spending a little extra for my iDevices.

I am actually looking at buying a Tesla Model S early next year too, that's how adamant I am with regards to the environment and support. I've never walked out of an Apple Store feeling let down. That's much more than I can say for other phone makers.

You talk about price. I look at price differently too. The demand for Apple products is huge. I buy my devices outright. This allows me to upgrade every year. What I do is sell my old and buy a new. Apple products sell for heaps of money. Last week my old iPhone 4, cracked glass and LCD, sold for $224 on eBay. On average it costs be about $150-$200 a year to upgrade my iPhones. That's substantially cheaper than buying a new phone every two years, or going on contracts and getting ripped off even worse.

Apple works for me. But I do have other devices that I use as well. Windows gaming computer, Surface RT, HTC One X, Meizu MX 4-Core, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, iPad Mini, MacBook Pro 17". I've got a Lumia 920 on order (should get it in a week!). I've tried and tested a lot of other devices. Apple just has a broader perspective than just making things that people like. They do it in the cleanest way possible. 
That just screams innovation.......!!!!! LOL
I would buy a tv with a tray for the latest htpc. But integration is what apple does best, and it may just be appealing enough! In fact, they could put a mean machine in a 55" screen.
When I have reason to get another phone, it only costs me about $50 USD at most. Every year or two, no biggie. No hassles with any store. My stuff works for me and does everything I want/need it to - at a fraction of the price of the fancy iStuff.
So, +BryCee Steel, when I appear to "bash" Apple, you'll see that I'm not really. There are reasons for my comments - just like for everybody else. Don't assume we're just "Apple haters". They usually post the abridged version.
If it kills cable packages yes yes yes!!!!
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