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i am ambivalent - the glass on glass design is a bit scary -- looking at the Nokia phone now.
This is the best phone I've ever owned. You just can't beat the Nexus 4.
Not few countries, it is available only for U.S! May be only they are recognized as people! Rest of us don't!
+Jason Falter What are the 2 things you like about it the most? Thanks.  Mine should be shipping today.
The 2 things I like the most are the 2 Nexus 4's I'm allowed to buy on the Play store!!
+Tony Mihelich It's super smooth just like my N7 and it imported everything from the N7 in 5 minutes. Love the design and it feels great to hold too. Best of all... I can get to all of my Google products unlike on my former WP the Nokia Lumia 710. The Nexus 4 is basically my N7 in a phone form factor and I love that.
Man I want this phone really bad. Oh well,my quest for the coveted nexus 4 phone will have to wait just a little bit longer. 
I hope they don't run out in 15 minutes again.
bastards put it on sale without warning i knew i shouldnt have spent so much money black friday -____-
I was thinking about a new phone too. 
I wished this was sold in stores (like Best Buy), but the carriers like Verizon and AT&T don't want unlocked phones competing with their locked phones in the stores.
+Joshua Martinez again???!!!!
Isn't it time for a Google store or something? Maybe a real life Play Store. 
Just made my 2 year commitment on another smartphone.
Does anybody think the bumper will be available also? 
Does anyone know when it's coming back to Australia?
I can hardly wait for the explanation Google will make about the Nexus 4 sales. It will be a fun one to read. Who will they blame? LG? Theirselves? Sandy? 
Just bought mine about 10min ago. 16gb too. I didn't smash my F5 key down to nothing either. Just went back and forth between different browsers and tabs, occasionally. Worked for me. 
+Joshua Martinez it actually still available. i managed to place an order. but shipping is in 2-3 weeks.. lol
phone quite good!
The case especially
and color isn't bad
combined with

phone quite good!
The case especially
and color isn't bad
combined with

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