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There's a bad Tumblr worm spreading, be careful!
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is anyone actually reading tumblr?
indeed +Spencer Fleury 
but I have read a few articles that state that tumblr is taking over the internet and that tumblr activity is on track to eclipse facebook/twitter/gPlus. 
But is anyone really reading these pages?
I must be missing something.
Perhaps we should ask " is anyone on Tumblr actually capable of reading?"
I didn't know Tumbler was even that popular. Only time I visit is through external site links.
Tumblr is the best porn site around.
That thing is made in china! Look at the letter "T" & "M" there's a blue stain on Tumblr baller. LOL!!!
Tumblr is the porn MECCA of a social sites! While Facebook pages has its share too and G+ but get reported and that sucks :( but tumblr is more lenient to that category oh and it has awesome treat photos Lol.
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