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Great, you wanna share some of that bud?
I guess he thanks and wishes good luck to the IPO sucke... I mean, buyers, hahahaha.
I'm guessing he's happier than a lot of other investors.
Each one of you who have Facebook account is a contributor of that money.
share your blessing to the needy,you cannot bring it to the heaven...
I guess he will not qualify for the tax exemptions. Damn Obama...
What do you honestly do with that much money? Just look at the figures come in every month and smile? If I had that much i'd be giving it away or something or start another business venture. 
Mark who? what the fu*k is facebook? Funny how poor people become a victum for Rich people, so they can earn much more money than ever. And people like FB users close their eyes and waist more money and time to make those pigs richer and powerful. So one day they can control the humanity. This world makes me wanna puke.
I don't understand how he only owns that little of a percentage.
29.3% > 25% so no... More than a quarter
+Eric Wohnig You do understand tha VCs had shares and that during the IPO shares were sold, no?
And how much of this wealth does the average Facebook user see? After all none of this would be possible without them relinquishing their privacy.
He came up with a cool idea. There was demand. He made smart decisions and now has a ton of dough. Why is it the 'withouts' always criticize success instead of using it as inspiration? 
I seeing a big move for Facebook in the works. More shares means even more money. 
I understand that the man is a billionaire and that I am not, giving my opinion little weight here, but here it is: I do not think that Zuckerburg has invested his money wisely. When Facebook stock eventually tanks (assuming it does) Zuckerburg will eventually bail on the stock and cut his losses. This would result in a wall street disaster, but then again, Wall Street would not be Wall Street without the occasional disaster. 
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