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The Jawbone UP is back, but is it better than ever? Do you have one? -
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I also think it looks like a normal watch. (If +TechCrunch doesn't put a description here and just on the link we'll assume they are talking about the watch)
Its the black band next the watch. It reads how much you move around, sleeping patterns, etc...its in the article
+Peter Andersson maybe you should read the article and not think for yourself as it is not your strong point. The black band is the device in question.
So is it the watch or the black band?
It's a pedometer people. Reading the article that's linked really helps dispel confusion
A pedometer for the wrist! Whatever next - gloves for feet?
I don't need to spend over a $100 to know whether or not I got off my ass and did anything or not.  What a waste.
+Toby Holcomb for you and I this may be true but for every product ever made there is a buyer.
Even google plus has a few users...
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