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Apple’s Mac problem -
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the success of their product is killing off their other products
I've got one of those. Is it worthless now that they're going down the drain? :(((
Also would probably help them immensely if they tried to even compete price point wise with PC systems instead of costing a consumer 2-3 times that of a comparable machine even at entry levels.
The Ipad is eating everyones lunch including Apple. My daughter has a laptop but grabs a tablet because she is reading for school.  Does not suprise me.  The ipad mini is even cheaper, portable.  Who needs a 2000 mac book pro.  I got a mac mini for 350. 
I am grateful for all the expert commentaries—from both sides of the fence—on how Mac should run their business. Now it's all so clear what opinion I should have on the subject... I suppose there is a right car to drive too... (there is, it's a Ford F-150 EconoBoost SuperCrewCab....right? or is it a Smart car?)
A) The company's name is Apple, not Mac.
B) The commentary and the article, if you'd be so kind as to go back and read it, is geared towards problems that could cause future issues for Apple should they continue on the path they are on now. Not telling them how to run their business, or even implying that they don't see a problem. Just pointing out the obvious cliff they're heading towards.

Then again, sheeple gonna sheep.
I have done two memory upgrades to our iMAC. It is now in it's 5th year and it should ride out for a couple of more years until OSX 11 or beyond. When our Macbook goes, it will be replaced with the Chromebook. We don't need ADOBE products across all our devices. Light browsing, watching videos and Google docs is all we need for secondary home PCs.
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