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Isis is dumb. I'm in a test city and their annoying ads are everywhere. 
Its a small step,but in the right direction. I can't wait to see what else nfc based technology can bring. 
I thought there were already PayPass enabled vending machines where you can use Google Wallet?
+Chris Billig ISIS is dumb because they are advertising?

+JR Lyles , I've not seen vending machines in the US that accept PayPass. I'm sure they exist but I don't think they are wide spread.

I agree with the article in that in order for NFC payments to gain, merchants need to first accept these payments. Consumers are not going to hunt down places where they are accepted. I've been using ISIS since 10/23 and it's really very nice to use. Punch in the 4 digit code on the phone, hold it close to the payment device and you are done. Using a card is not difficult at all and using ISIS is not the end all invention though. But its not any more difficult to pay this way. The benefit is that ISIS will have "offers" and keep track of "loyalty" purchases (BOGO, 50% off, etc.). Perhaps no need to carry all those loyalty cards around all of the time.

+Augustine cervantes , operating door locks is one thing I'm looking forward to. Out now but just starting.
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