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Journalists keep sticking their nose where it doesn't belong maybe? Me-thinks so.
We in the west are largely only used to seeing the state crony "journalists" whom act on behalf of states and the propaganda of the politically connected within governing bodies. What we rarely see are those journalists whom are truly good at what they do in investigating what really goes down the world over. States deplore these types whom act honorably and ethically in exposing what the real stories actually are and how those in government are truly up to at any given time.

The latter types are the ones that disappear and die at the hand of the state.
+rob chapdelaine The entire point of journalism is that the public should know the truth. There are few things that are truly inappropriate for news and if you're a half-decent journalist you won't be going after them to begin with. 
I love how people who aren't qualified to judge professionals are doing just that. When will people know their place?
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