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Microsoft takes the negative route against Google instead of enjoying some success.
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Gmail is awesome, I have no complaints.
If all they want in return is to scour my emails for advertising triggers then more power to them.  Companies have to make money somehow.
Surface pro is not gaining Google or apple market. Maximal people from netbook or desktop already using windows are buying. 
I must immediately delete my entire Google account because a money grabbing shit faced corporation has told me that my emails are read anonymously by a computer algorithm. ;)
They must be desperate to resort to such vile and adolescent attacks. It's a glaring sign that Redmond's empty-headed eggheads have run out of ideas and resorted to throwing eggs and spreading propaganda. 
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
Microsoft sucks and they're just jealous of Google. I don't care if Google has a computer match my email to give me targeted ads. Who cares
It takes one to know one M$.  Their surface pro success seems like a strange success too.
I don't have a problem with Microsoft either but they're in no position to take the piss out of another head tech company.
Surface pro was nowhere near success my best buy store just got one .
MS don't be jealous just cuz Google is smarter.
Everyone sells and shares your info, might as well choose a reliable secure and seasoned company to do it
Instead of all the negativity. MS should figure a way to fix Windows virus, malware,spamware,worms and trojans. The Surface Pro might be awesome because it runs full windows 8 but that also means it is open to attacks from the said problems.
MS's last ditch effort on its road to extinction...
Not bad for a first effort. Love the fact that I can run nearly ANY Windows app (so millions of apps). USB 3.0 included. Dislikes: too thick and clunky. The Keyboard is GARBAGE. I missed 50% of letters I typed. Needs to have 256 Meg not 128, be half this thin, and an improved keyboard. Overall, a good start., which I just visited, also has ads in the e-mail account. So I guess their point is that the ads Microsoft is showing you in aren't based on any data in your e-mails? So what? This really seems pointless.
Google is creating an ecosystem where the key components, operating system and basic apps are "free" so of course they have Microsoft worried.

Microsoft knows how damaging that can be. Two decades ago they made the browser free. 
pfft, reads your mail as well, spam filter anyone? Plus Priority Inbox is the best thing that ever happened to me (apart from wife and kids, obv) so I'm quite happy for them to read my email
As long as i have been a google user, i have never ever, clicked on an add intentionally. What do i care if google targets their ads. 
This coming from a company who is partners with Facebook 
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