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SPONSORED: North Korea is Asia’s new start-up hot spot -
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In the photos: Kim Jong Un looking at sponsored content
The article says Epicurious is opening a headquarters there. Ironic since most of North Korea is starving.
Is the post sponsored because I can't really believe this is a real post. 
Clearly CRT's are the next innovation! Heck with Google Glasses.
I like the look on that one guy's face... "Holy crap holy crap holy crap..."
I wonder who this post is sponsored by.
Somebody needs to do a Fearless-Leader VC spoof - always has a straight face, always talks about how wonderful everything is, always says "no"
Reminds me of articles you would see on The Onion
communist IT department :)
even wearing gloves in the office, russian winter kicks a
poor coder with stiff fingers... that's why he look like that.
I think that's the monitor I got rid of 10 years ago.
Really, a new start-up hot spot with an ancient monitor!
They ARE behind the times! So they are forecasting for the 90's
Korean dude just got dail-up. Happy man emailing out for Southern Fried Rat. Yum yum.
I pretty much don't envy the guy sitting at the computer.  That was probably pretty stressful.
There is hope for that country. I hope they can maintain their love for thier country through change if it happens. That is something we have lost here in the US. Loyalty and love.
"Don't look at the god.  Don't look at the god.  Don't look at the god..."
and ... "Why does that box glow?  what is that?  hmm... it has moving pictures?  maybe it is spy?"
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