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and it's great.
HOW MANY ANDROID  Smartphones are out there? still rules the world
Well I'm Android enthusiast and user since 1.6, but this development doesn't make me happy. I'd prefer to have more balanced market share distribution among top 3 or 4 platforms. That way, we would be sort of guaranteed that each one of them is really putting their best into development of new products. Based on previous examples quasi-monopoly didn't work well for the industry itself and their customers.
+Jeumayne Dummett Why do people think of Samsung Galaxy S, S2 and S3 as three different phones but iPhone, iPhone4 and iPhone5 as one phone? Manipulation, much?
+Jeumayne Dummett there are about 100 million more android devices than ios worldwide. Android activated 1.4 million devices everyday apple about 300k.

Remember this is worldwide, not just the us. Apple is no longer the world ruler except with maximum profit off of each device. 
Everybody roots for the underdog. I think one day we will all get tired of Samsung dominating the world. Some other brand will take over.
+Zulhaimi Abdul Hamid - I think you're exactly right. Humanity, by and large, doesn't like a winner for long.

Despite what New York City claims.
Not only Android is taking over the world (UP 20% market share from last year), but Apple's market share is DOWN to 13.9% from 15% a year ago. The world is running out of iSheep and that is good news indeed.
+Harry Evangelou and Windows market share is up a 1% as well. Not a lot but considering everyone else is losing market share, it is something to watch for. 
If Apple would enter the market that most of humanity shops in (the We Can't Afford That On Our Income market), stop trying to manipulate user data in the background, and respond to customer concerns via email, Android would probably not do so well.
Just goes to showing what an intelligent marketer can do as opposed to a greedy one.
My bf has and iPhone5 and I have the Droid Galaxy SIII and gotta say mine is way better faster and has not had any issues where as hers has had constant issues. So iPhone's drool and Droids rule!! ;-)
There will always be an up coming company that the general public feels the need to fall into that trend, these top dog companies will never die out though, watch RIM make a small comeback and  grab some profit with the BB 10 and this study also does not include Apples iPhone 5 which was released early Oct. nor include the 5s which will be released Jan. it will even out once again in Q4 or Q1 '13
btw not an Apple fanboy lol looking to make the switch myself from iPhone to Android.
people fail to understand that anyone can load android to ther phones, even those that sell for $20.00 with contract. However, if a comparison is done between Iphone 4s/5 and Galaxy S2/3 we will see a much clearer picture.. :)
Watch a movie on an iPhone 4 with Android switch over than watch the same movie on a S III... you'd want to make the switch solely on that reason, software aside 
+TechCrunch pls rephrase to "Android have taken over the World"...Thank You GOOGLE.
+Jeumayne Dummett Feel free to back up your assertions with citations! Oh wait, you can't because they're false. I'm afraid you're the one that fails to understand!

The S3 beat the iPhone in sales in Q3:

And what did the launch of the underwhelming iPhone 5 do? Pushed sales of the S3 up by almost 15%:

Q4 figures aren't out yet and I'm sure you'll clutch at that final straw but even if the S3 loses it's top place, all top end Android devices together (no need to include the $20 phones) will beat out the iPhone easily.
dorio x
By 2016 , 90%of smartphone are Android. Those remaining people that don't have smartphone are poor. They can't change be able to buy an iPhone. Cheap Android devices is the way to go.
idiot, you are soooo foolish...that Q3 report was based on the auarterly sales of the Iphone 4!!....want to post sales numbers for the iphone 5 after the first week?....S111 can only DREAM of such numbers! +Dave Oxley 
+Jeumayne Dummett Wow, I'm convinced. Your articulate and compelling arguments backed up by undeniable citations has won me over. I see iPhone fanbois argue like this all the time. Could it be that iPhone users with any intelligence have already switched to Android?

You do realise that the iPhone 5 was released at the end of Q3 and the 5 million iPhone 5 opening weekend sales were therefore included? The S3 has sold 30 million devices ( and iPhones are forecast to sell 26.3 million in Q4 ( Sure the i
Phone 5 will just about beat the S3 in total sales but that's because Android purchasers have a choice of many top end devices. I personally have the Galaxy Nexus and will be buying a Nexus 4, not an S3.
There are meny comment.
i don't have a galaxy but iI have an android en d this phone is my distraction.
The Samsung Galaxy S3 is by far better than any iPhone device. Don't look at sales. Any retard can go buy an iPhone just because they were feeling patriotic. It's pathetic really. The iPhone really has no leg to stand on. How about comparing things like specifications, usability and overall functionality. Remove the iOs and ICS off both devices. Raw data will remain and let me tell you the Samsung Galaxy S3 far out strips the iPhone. the opinion of the masses doesnt matter....just go by emotion...ok then....that's an awesome way to run a business///forget the numbers, go by emotions +Malcolm Weaich 
android OS is a wild, unstable OS that is used by every tom, dick, harry, joseph and John....every phone runs's a watered down OS....dat simple.
Missed my point completely. Must I remind you who holds the highest smartphone market share. I was clearly trying to explain the difference between the two devices. The one is superior and the other is simply for people who are technically challenged. Lol. A watered down OS. That's hilarious. Simpleton. Once again I will clarify. Look at the devices without an OS. HARDWARE IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE COMPARED. UNDERSTAND NOW. Read slower next time.
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